How fast can you write a 500 words article?

The answer depends on a lot of factors.

If you are writing article to air your frustration with your job or your demanding boss, I am sure you can write the article within five minutes.

If you are writing a scientific research paper, you may take a few hours to write a 500 words chapter.

Let us talk about writing articles fast for the sake of making money online.

You cannot afford to spend a few hours working on an article, especially when your source of income is Google Adsense.

An article of 500 words probably earns at a rate of 20 cents per month. That means this article can make $24 in ten years.

If you take more than an hour to write a simple 500 words article for Google Adsense revenue, you will find that the effort is not worth the income.

That is why writing articles fast is a must for making money online. It does not matter whether you write for Google Adsense Revenue or affiliate marketing, once you master the art of writing articles fast, you can see an increase in earnings.

How to write articles fast?

1. Research

You need to research before you start writing a single article.

You need to have enough information for a set of few articles.

For example, you want to write about lung cancer. You can split the topic of lung cancer into a few articles: symptoms of lung cancer, types of lung cancers, treatments for lung cancer, alternative medicine for lung cancer, prevention of lung cancer.

You can also write an overview to summarize your research.

You can write in different styles for the same topic. For example, in one article about prevention of lung cancer, you can use the how-to article format. In another article, you can use the question-and-answer format.

That means you are using the same material to write in different ways.

Research includes keyword research.

That means you use different keywords to write articles on the same topic. For example, you use chronic yeast infection in one article, you can use systemic yeast infection in another article.

If you have 5 sets of keywords, you can produce 5 articles with the same main points. All you need to do is to write in different styles to incorporate the use of different keywords.

2. Time

You can challenge yourself to write the articles fast.

You can use a timer to create stress for yourself. You can imagine yourself in the examination hall, and you have to answer a few essay questions within the allocated time.

Once you start writing, you do not stop. You should not think too much about the sentence structure or words used.

You can amend after you have written an article or a set of articles.

3. Plan

You need to plan what to write.

If you do not plan beforehand, you will find that you run out of writing ideas.

The best is to stick to one topic for a day. If you are going to write about lung cancer today, you should not divert to writing about cat training.

You can write a set of articles about lung cancer. You can even write 20 articles about lung cancer. You will find that after writing 20 articles about lung cancer for 2 hours, you are heartily sick of the topic.

That is the best way to focus and write fast.

4. Writing structure

You can use a structure for writing articles. You can use the simple 5 paragraphs rule for writing articles.

That means one paragraph for introduction, one paragraph for ending, and one paragraph for each main point.

When you write articles online to make money, you need to modify the 5 paragraphs structure.

You need to split a single paragraph into two or three smaller paragraphs. This is to help readers to scan the content faster.

The best you can do is to write in 5 paragraphs before you split each paragraph into smaller paragraphs.

When you keep to this simple article structure, you will find that you do not hesitate after you start writing. You are conditioned to follow a proven structure, and this helps you to write articles faster.

5. Discipline

The hardest part of article writing is getting yourself to sit down and write. You will find that once you start writing, you will feel good.

You will find that the resistance to sit down and write is very strong. You surf the internet, you check the email, you drink coffee, you find snacks to eat and do so many things to avoid writing.

That is why disciplining yourself to sit down and write is so important.

It does not matter how knowledgeable you are, how powerful your English is, and how much you love writing, the most important thing is that you write.

You need to set a time for writing, and let nothing stops you until you have finished the articles.

Some article marketers can write 30 articles per day. They do not run out of writing ideas because they follow a system.

As long as your motivation for making money online is very strong, you will find that writing articles fast is a matter of practice.

The more you write, and the more you want to write, the faster you will write.

Writing articles fast is not hard. Make sure you sit down, and write, and write, and write.