Are you a book lover? Have you thought of earning from your hobby of reading books? Do you know how to make money online by writing book reviews?

There are a few ways to earn from writing book reviews.

1. Helium

You can join Helium, a writing site, and earn upfront payment as well as advertisement revenue.

The upfront payment ranges from 50 cents to $2.50 per article. The rate depends on the number of writing stars at the end of the month.

You need to write consistently to get more writing stars.

2. Blog

You can start a book review blog to make money online.

The problem with starting your own blog is in traffic generation. You will find that new blog in the first six months does not have much readers.

The benefit of having your own blog is the freedom to write anything you want.

You can choose to monetize the blog posts in different methods too.

The common method for monetizing a blog is Google Adsense and Amazon affiliate program. However, Google Adsense does not work very well for a book review blog.

You are likely to get many 1-cent clicks or 5-cent clicks for writing book reviews.

The problem with earning from Amazon affiliate program is the 24 hours cookie. A reader may click on the link to review the recommended book in Amazon. However, he may not buy immediately.

Another problem is the availability of used books. If you put the link to a new book selling at $20, and the reader buys a used copy at $2, you will earn a very low commission.

3. InfoBarrel and Hubpages

You can use InfoBarrel and Hubpages as alternative to starting a new blog.

As both sites are established sites, you can benefit from the writing community, and the reader base. You can choose to monetize the post by Google Adsense and Amazon affiliate program. You can choose other affiliate marketing programs as well.

Both sites allow affiliate links.

4. Other writing sites

Many writing sites, such as Triond, allow you to earn from writing book reviews.

The problem with Triond is that you cannot put the affiliate link. That means you miss out on earning commission from affiliate marketing.

Triond pays by page views. You are allowed to put your Google Adsense code as well.

If you read a book and do not like it, you can recommend another book by the same author or in the same genre.

That is the way you can earn from writing book review for books that you do not enjoy reading. You must direct readers to better books so that you can earn your commission.

When you are writing book review for the sake of making money online, you have to remember to keep the link prominent.

The readers must know where to click to buy the books. The best way is to use both image link and contextual link.

You can get the image link and contextual link from Amazon. The image link is in the form of book cover. It is best to adjust the size, so that the image appears bigger.