I began writing for Associated Content in June of 2005. I had adopted a child and wrote a small article about the experience entitled, "Every Child Needs a Home." I was new to writing and grateful to have been published. The article earned me an upfront payment of $5.00. Since then, I have earned a little money from the views to the article. The next article I wrote was rejected by Associated Content.

At the time, Associated Content was revamping their payment process. I read reviews from experienced writers discussing their concern over low upfront payments becoming common place at AC.

I did not write for Associated Content again until September of 2009. With much more writing experience under my belt, and having published thousands of articles on the web by this time, I thought I would give AC another shot. I submitted 2 more articles which were accepted and published. I was offered a meager $2-3 for each article, "Home Remedies for a Heat Rash," and, "How to Dry Foods at Home." The views these articles have gotten at Associated Content since this time are nothing special.

I know writers that have done well with Associated Content and are happy writing there. Most of these writers have been writing there for a very long time and have published a large volume of content at AC. They also have a large network of writing friends established. I have seen the articles of these Associated Content gurus ranked in the top search results of Google and Yahoo.

I believe a writer could do well at Associated Content, just as they could at any other freelance writing websites with a large writer pool. By establishing many backlinks to your writing at AC, you can improve search engine ranking. By participating in the writer community, it is possible to boost your exposure. Through these methods, a writer could be successful almost anywhere. In comparison to other freelance writing websites, Associated Content is not particularly good at optimizing for search engines (SEO), or getting them ranked without a lot of effort on the writer's part. I personally prefer to write for websites that have better SEO optimization.

Associated content does accept other types of content including audio, images, and video. If you are interested in applying to Associated Content, you can apply here. The only requirement on the application is that you list your areas of personal interest.