Can't afford a retirement portfolio?

Build an article portfolio! That’s right I intend to illustrate why building up a portfolio of online articles is a very good investment of time. By diverting some of your energy from time wasting activities such as watching TV you can start to build a collection of income producing articles quickly. Many people facing retirement in the near future are very much aware of how little they have saved. Taking more of their current income to boost their retirement funds isn’t an option. Well writing for extra income may be the answer.

What is the value of residual income?

So how do you figure out what a certain amount of residual income is worth? I am going to use the amount of $10/month residual income. No it’s not a lot but, it will I hope prove my point! Here is the basic math: 12 months at $10 per month works out to an annual $120 dollars. That doesn’t sound like much does it? Now consider how much money you would have to invest in term deposits (CDs or GICs). My bank right now pays 1% on a one year guaranteed investment certificate (GIC). So in order to get $120 per year I would need to invest…$12,000!

Ok now that’s just unrealistic let’s step this up a notch how about a 10 year US treasury bonds? 2% yield! Wow so I would only need to invest $6000 to get my $120 per year. I am sure by now you are getting the picture. The current dividend yield for the S&P 500 isn’t much better. Yes you can get better investments but, you also assume more risk.

So to continue along this train of thought if you make $4000 per month from your job and invest 10% or $400 dollars it would take you 15 months to accumulate $6000. You could then earn $10 per month from bonds or stock dividends.

Write your way to residual income

So how long would it take to write enough articles to get the same $10 per month? The answer is, it depends. There are a number of factors that I will not go into in this article. On this site there are tons of resources for increasing what you make by writing. Suffice to say that the goal most people strive for is an average of $1 per article per month. Many articles will get less than that and a smaller percentage more.

I would challenge anyone that writing forty or so articles and spending some time on promoting them would do the job if decent keywords were chosen. So this could easily be accomplished in two months including time for research and promoting the articles. That beats the heck out of fifteen months to get enough money for the same return from bonds.

Start increasing your retirement income today

Hopefully you can see the potential of writing articles for extra retirement income. The only thing left to do is figure out where to write and, how much to write! If you want to you can sign up for Infobarrel , happy writing!