Parent's everywhere know how hard it is to get things done with small children in the room. Often there are interruptions, questions, and needs that have to be taken care of. Because I write for InfoBarrel with my small children around I often am asked, "How do you do it?" I definitely won't lie to you. It isn't easy. It will slow you down and at times frustrate you. However, the good news for any stay at home parent hoping to make some money writing for InfoBarrel is that there are things that you can do that will help you to produce more content with your children around.

Make a Schedule.
Many websites and articles written about working from home will mention "the schedule". If you are like me then you might feel really skeptical about it. After all, with little ones around often things get disrupted. However, if you have some sort of schedule in mind then you are forming a basis on which to build your day. Leave your schedule pretty loose, interruptions will happen. Here's an example.

  • Breakfast.
  • Work on bookmarking and backlinking until nap time.
  • Spend time with older child while younger one sleeps. (My 4 year old son is currently doing reading lessons that we do while his sister sleeps).
  • Write in the afternoon.
  • Cook dinner, clean, spend time with the family.
  • After the kids go to bed I often write some more.

Many times when I am doing a good job at sticking to the schedule I will "bop" in and out of the forum and sit down for a few minutes to work on something here and there throughout the day.

Work on One Thing at a Time.
I really struggle with a lot of the methods that others use. Many people research a keyword, research the topic, write the article, post it, do the links (if it is linked to other InfoBarrel articles), and then work on backlinking. I like to do tons of keyword research at one time and make it so that I always have topics to write on waiting for me. I then pick a pretty broad topic and research it. Then I like to write a lot of articles about that topic. Often I get a bit tired of the topic, but the research is all done and I can sit down and write and write some more. I then post the articles and link them together. I finish with backlinking though this is the part I like the least.

By working on one thing at a time you will be able to focus on that and get more done. It isn't always easy, especially when you get interrupted, but it can be done.

Relax With Interruptions.
I have the advantage of being able to work and get interrupted without it bothering me. I know this is harder for some people (my husband goes crazy), but it is something you absolutely have to do if you are going to get a lot of writing done while the kids are up. Make sure that your kids stay first in your mind. It is easy to get focused on the goal and make it hard for you to jump up and respond, but it is important that they come first.

Set Goals.
By setting goals you will be able to reach toward something. You won't always make it, but it will make a difference for you and it will make it easier. Often it is best to avoid setting monetary goals (especially in the beginning) and aim for setting goals you have control over. Consider setting goals for how many articles you write in a day or how many articles you write in a week.

Other Tips.
The first thing you need to remember is that for most of us the advice often given for work at home moms and dads doesn't work with really little kids unless there is another adult in the house. The advice often tells you to closet yourself into your office, work normal business hours, and make sure that you are only being a mom when you have time set aside for that. On one hand that doesn't work with an 18 month old daughter and a 4 year old son. On the other hand the reason I stay home is because it is important that I am involved in their lives. Here are some tips that can make writing for InfoBarrel easier with kids in the house and even in the same room.

  • Take advantage of the time that they play well. There are times that it is quiet and they are playing so well and I feel so blessed and it is so tempting to fool around and do nothing. It is important that you take the time to get more done at these times.
  • Work on staying focused. Stay at home workers everywhere are tempted to do things that they shouldn't. It is really hard to stay focused. You are right there and your email is waiting for you. Facebook is just a click away. And you might have gotten another click on Google! No matter what your vise is you need to make sure that you are avoiding all of these things so that you get more work done.
  • They do sleep. While it isn't always easy to work after a long day. However, it is a good thing to take advantage of when they sleep. That may mean that you need to work during nap time (if your kids take naps) and that you need to work a bit after they go to bed.
  • Take advantage of times they are gone. Depending on your life you may have some time off. You may be able to send your kids to day care a couple of days a week, you may be able to trade play dates with a friend so that there are times that they are gone, or you may be able to send them out with the other parent for awhile. I am blessed with one day a week (most weeks) where my kids go to Grandma and Grandpa's for the afternoon and early evening. This is a time when I work really hard to get a lot of content written and have gotten as many as 20,000 words written on these days. Make sure you stay focused and have a very hard core plan for the days that they are gone, even if they don't happen often.

Writing with kids in the house is hard work. However, it can be done. You may not be able to whip out as much material as you want and you may find that your earnings grow slowly. However, if you are determined to make it work you can build up a passive income. In the future you will be able to make money when you work and make money when you don't work. Depending on how much you write you may find yourself making a lot of money each and every month! It can be done.