I see there are a lot of people who are registered on Info Barrel but only have a few articles published. Why do people sign up for a website to submit articles to and then never do it? Do they expect to make a lot of money with only 2-3 articles? I know that this is a numbers game as well as a SEO game.

If you are going to write articles for a website then you need to actually write articles. Why not publish 500 articles on a residual building website such as Info barrel and then quit writing. At 500 articles I am sure that you would have a nice residual income even without ever writing another article.

I think if you actually did get to 500 articles you may be so excited by the amount of your monthly Adsense checks that you would consider heavily continuing to write a high number of articles for Info barrel.

My platter is pretty full and I cannot dedicate myself to Info Barrel full time as a writer but you will see 5-10 articles published in bursts at random times. You also will not see me complaining online that Info Barrel does not pay very much. I know that with only a few articles published I will not be making very much with this publishing platform. I do however recognize opportunity and am well aware of the fact that if I publish a high number of SEO articles that I can earn a high amount each check in residual earnings with Info Barrel.

If a person only publishes 1 article on Info Barrel then they have no chance of success. If you publish only 1 article per day then you can have an extremely high amount of earnings each month from your Info Barrel articles.

The future of writing online is with user contributed content. The future is in earning a high percentage of the ad revenue that is displayed