Writing online can be overwhelming in the beginning. There is so much to learn! It is hard to focus on just one thing, but you must if you are going to succeed. No one takes one piano lesson and can play a concerto! There is a lot of dedicated practice involved before getting to that point.

While I am no means an expert, I have been writing online for almost two years now. In Jack Canfield’s “The Success Principles”, he advises to take large jobs and break them down into small, digestible chunks.

I want to share with you a step-by-step guide for starting your Info Barrel writing career.

Step #1 for Writing on Info Barrel

Start writing!

I know this sounds so obvious, but I constantly see people spending more time in the forums than they actually do writing articles. If you want to get your preapproval status, you have to write at least ten consecutive articles that have not been denied.

Which leads me to the next frequently asked question, “What should I write about?”

You need to write about a familiar topic so that the ideas them come naturally and easily. You also want your first ten articles to be about the same topic so you can interlink them (link them to each other).

Here is an example. Suppose you do stained glass as a hobby. Here are ten articles you could write and link together:

1. The History of Stained Glass

2. Ten Most Beautiful Stained Glass Windows

3. An Easy Stained Glass Craft

4. An Intermediate Stained Glass Craft

5. An Advanced Stain Glass Craft

6. The Best Stained Glass Kits

7. The Best Stained Glass Products (you can even be more specific and write about the brushes, paint, etc)

8. How to Sell Your Stained Glass at Craft Fairs

9. How to Open Up a Stained Glass Etsy Store

10. Stained Glass Techniques

That’s just one example! Write what you know.

Step #2 for Writing on Info Barrel

Learn About Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Edit Your Articles

There are many wonderful writers here on Info Barrel who have written articles about SEO. Read anything jcmayer777 has written-he is the master!

Once you understand a bit about SEO, tweak your published articles. The most basic SEO technique that I learned from jcmayer is to write the title as your first line in your article and use it in the last paragraph of your article.

Step # 3 for Writing on Info Barrel

Use Keyword Tools

Using keywords and their synonyms is essential for getting your articles ranked in Google. There are free keyword tools that anyone can use.

Using the stained glass theme, put that phrase in the keyword tool and see what other words and phrases appear. Can you rework them into your article naturally?  

Step #4 for Writing on Info Barrel

Add Media

There are many free media images available for you to use in your articles. Learn how to add them in a way that enhances the article. In the stained glass example, if you are doing product reviews, get the related images from Amazon if your state permits you to be an affiliate. Add your affiliate link to one of the products.

When you write about a specific craft, add your own photos and the finished product. People love to see what it should look like.

Step #5 for Writing on Info Barrel

Promote Your Articles

There are many ways to promote your articles. Backlinking, Facebook, Twitter, and other social bookmarking sites will help get your article seen on Google.

Step #6 for Writing on Info Barrel

Create a Free Blogger Blog for Your Articles

Dip your toes into the world of blogging by creating a free Blogger blog (you can always set up a Wordpress blog and get hosting for it later). Again using the example of stained glass theme, write posts relating to your topic and link your Info Barrel articles to your blog and vice versa. You can also add Amazon product links or any other affiliate you are a member of.

On my Girl Scout blog, I write a few posts that tell specifically about what I am doing or what my opinions are on different leader topics. Other posts are a summary of my articles here on Info Barrel, Hubpages, Seekyt and Xomba. I link the posts to the articles. I also interlink posts within my blog and add Amazon and Commission Junction products that leaders would need.

Step #7 for Writing on Info Barrel

Create a Signature for Each Article

You are allowed two self-serving links in your Info Barrel signature. Use it to your advantage! Find ways to promote products in your signature box that can create sales for you.

Step #8 for Writing on Info Barrel

Be patient. Keep writing.

You know the expression “Rome wasn’t build in a day?” The same can be said for writing online for earning residual income. Just because you write an article it does not mean that it will earn money.

And conversely, just because an article has a ton of views it does not mean that it will earn you a penny. There is a learning curve to online writing, anyone who has done this long enough and is honest will tell that to you.

Last year, Sound Foundation created a forum thread about reaching pay out at the one hundred fifty article mark. Other writers, myself included, reached payout sometime around that same milestone, give or take a few articles.

A frequent forum question is ‘When will I earn money?” Yes, it is frustrating to not earn a penny from your articles.

Ask yourself why you aren't earning.  Be honest with your answers. Are you writing? Are you reading, learning, editing old articles as your knowledge increases?

Here is some food for thought...

Would you open up a brick and mortar store and expect to earn a profit in your first thirty days of business? Of course not.

Would you invest in a stock and expect your profits to quintuple within the first month? Of course not.

Did you earn a college degree, get hired by a company, and become the boss after working there a month? Of course not.

Writing online is not a quick way to make money.  You will increase your earnings over time when you continue to write and learn.

I hope this step-by-step guide will help any new writer who happens to read it. Stick with it and before you know it, you will be earning additional income!