Writing for money: Is Niche Writing Dead?

For those who are familiar with writing online, it is often said that you need to find a niche. Nobody seems to tell you how to find one. How can you find something you don't really know and understand? That is where the problem lies with most advice given about writing.

What is niche writing?

Niche writing is not about writing what you like. It is also not about writing what people enjoy. Niche writing is about money. It is about relating content to those who are willing to pay for it. If you can grasp that concept, you've come a long way

Is niche writing really dead?

Yes, and there are various reasons that can be attributed for "Niche's death". Those who started out writing some years back understood the potential of the internet. They took advantage of the possibility that the online market of the time had to offer. When others realized that there was money to be made writing online, a lot more people jumped on the bandwagon. For the uninitiated, the problem is not about writing but knowing what to write about.

Some seek advice from the so called blogging and internet marketing experts. Those experts gave the same answers every time, "find a niche you enjoy and write about it". That advice means a lot to those who understand the mechanism of internet writing. For the majority who only wanted to cash in on the blogging and internet trend, the advice meant nothing. So is niche writing dead? Yes, and that is because there is nothing new to write about. If you can think about it, someone else has already written about it.

Why is everyone keeping mum about the best niche to write for?

There is no solidarity in writing online. If someone is giving away something, he expects something else in return. All the online writing experts give advice in return for your visit and traffic. The internet has made the world such a small place that copycats are all over the place. It is all about survival and it is nothing personal.

Should you keep writing even if niche died years ago?

If you want to make money writing online, you will have to learn by trial and error. Those who made money writing on the internet had their ups and downs. Most kept their day job and kept their dreams alive. There is no one advice fits all. Everyone advice has its advantages and disadvantages. You should definitely keep on writing; however, less can at times be more (go figure!).

What is the future of niche writing?

The internet has come a long way. The future of niche writing will be different. Human needs and consumerism will determine the future of online writing. Today, content is king. Content drives traffic and brings consumers and online marketers together. Niche writing might one day again be resurrected but the "second coming" will be a totally different game.