Among the many 'make money on the internet' themes is the old 'write articles and we'll pay you'. I was always interested in that sort of thing, but never got into it until I discovered revenue sharing sites – specifically Infobarrel. The reason is that I didn't want to put my hard work and precious time into writing articles for someone else to pass off as their own while sending traffic through to sites they own and earning money from my work. Sure the idea was that I would be paid – but not enough even at $5 per article! Now I know my instincts were spot on.

Why writing for revenue sharing sites earns passive income

This is what I was dreaming of, and didn't even know how to explain it. Writing for revenue sharing sites is the answer for me – I write an article, I submit the article, and I get a fair share of the income it generates from advertising sources. There are plenty of sites around where I can submit my articles to, but who knows how much money they have made for the site's owners? On revenue sharing sites that question is answered in a transparent fashion – thanks to the percentage share model.

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The percentage share is what percentage of revenue you retain and what the site's administrators retain from your article. The exact percentage can differ, but for a site like Infobarrel the earnings percentage split is at least 75%/25%. That's 75% to you by the way, not the site's owners. That's not all though – there is a fair, and transparent opportunity to increase that revenue share up to 90% based on a monthly contest depending on your submissions. That's all explained better elsewhere, so let's get onto the topic of passive income.

Passive income from revenue sharing sites?

Once you have written and submitted your articles to whatever revenue sharing site you have chosen – or you can choose more than one- they begin to earn income for you. That doesn't stop once you stop writing either. If you spend a month writing articles here and there and end up with 30 articles listed before you get sick and can't write anymore – they still generate revenue for you. You could never again write another article and your earnings will still keep building.

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That is true passive income – and the best, easiest way of generating passive income online is by writing articles for revenue sharing sites like InfoBarrel. Passive income is income you receive from no continued effort. It really is like the proverbial money tree – plant it and it will grow and continue to bear fruit – you don't even have to water it. On the other hand you can keep writing articles (and to stretch the example a little further) keep planting little money trees and watch them grow and bear fruit. Soon enough you'll have a whole orchard. My advice to you is to start writing now for a revenue sharing site and begin generating ongoing passive income.