Yahoo Contributor Network
Credit: morgueFile

Writing for the Yahoo Contributer Network is something many of you may have considered from time to time. There are some positives and some negatives when looking at joining Yahoo's Contributer Network when compared to writing for InfoBarrel, Squidoo, Hubpages, and others. Here is what you need to know from a writer's perspective:



  • Yahoo's SEO - Yahoo is obviously a very established website and has been around for quite some time. This gives a leg up when compared to other websites. Your article is more likely to be found by the search engines this way. 
  • Yahoo's Community - This is obviously another important point that goes along with the previous point. Yahoo has a large number of visitors each day. They are more likely to stumble upon your article by being on the site than most others out there. This gives your article a greater potential to go viral. 
  • Upfront Payment - The Contributer Network has some options that allow for upfront payment if you choose so. This is great, because you can make money immediately from your article. Most revenue sharing sites take a large amount of time before you can develop income off of them. However, from what I've read, the payment could be peanuts unless your article is expected to have a large number of viewers. Also, many types of articles are not eligible for upfront payment. 
  • You may link to yourself - As long as you are relevant and useful content, you are allowed to link to your personal website or other articles. You obviously aren't allowed to do this excessively though.



  • No affiliate links allowed - This may be the biggest drawback for writer's looking to join Yahoo's Contributer Network. Affiliate links are the top way of earning income for many bloggers. Without this, you are limited to revenue sharing from advertisements. 
  • No affiliate program - One of InfoBarrel's main features for writer's is an affiliate program. You can earn money from other's articles if you referred them to this site. However, Yahoo does not offer a similar program for members of their contributer network. 
  • More strict guidelines - You are limited to a certain degree on what you should be writing about and how you should be writing. For instance, you are encouraged to not be general. This can also be considered a positive. Their regulations are in place to improve the quality of the content, which is a good thing in the long-term to contributers of the site. 
  • No embedding of images or videos - While you are allowed to use featured images for your article, you are not allowed to embed images or videos into the body of your content. This isn't a huge deal for most, but it does hurt your flexibility when creating a post on the site. 

Overall, the Yahoo Contributer Network is interesting, but less than ideal. The lack of flexibility in creating posts and income options make it less than desirable. I have joined the network, though I have to write an article. I may experiment with it in the future, especially for certain topics, but I don't expect it to be a major factor for me.