When it comes to writing for cash, you have to decide on a strategy of diversification or specialization.

Let us look at the strategy of diversification in writing for cash.

Diversification in writing for cash means you can write about everything under the sun.

You can write about science, business, health, social issues, and other articles.

The advantage of diversification in writing for cash is that you learn a lot. You need to learn about practically everything.

You can also learn about the different style of writing. An article about science requires a different writing style from a review article about running shoes.

When you choose the diversification method in writing for cash, you are not likely to run out of writing ideas.

You are not likely to get bored too. Everyday is a new day for learning new things, and writing new content.

You will get more writing assignments since you prove your ability to write about different topics.

The best thing about diversification in writing for cash is the ability to compare income from different articles.

If you are writing for Adsense, you will find that certain topics get more clicks and earnings. How To article with high paying Adsense keywords usually earn more in Adsense revenue.

If your main source of income is affiliate marketing, you will find that product review articles are better. When your readers trust you, they will click on the link to buy the product.

The only type of writing that does not pay is creative writing. Poems rarely pay off in the long run. Poems do not have the seo value to get traffic. Readers who read poems are not interested in buying things or clicking on the advertisements.

The disadvantage of diversification in writing for cash is the research time.

It is easier to write about things you know than things you do not know. It is easier to write about things you are interested than things you are not interested.

If you do not know anything about human resource management, you have to spend hours learning about Training Needs Analysis before you can write an article about it.

If you do not know anything about project management, you do not even know what is Critical Path Analysis and its importance in project management.

That is why diversification in writing for cash is time consuming where research is concerned. If you choose this method of writing for cash, you are not likely to write ten articles a day.

What about the strategy of specialization in writing for cash?

Some writers use the strategy of specialization in writing for cash.

Some writers in Associated Content are good at writing about sports. They can write everything about sport. They can write articles to predict the outcome of a match. They write articles to review the performance of a team or a player.

They know so much about the subject matter, so much so that an article takes less than ten minutes to finish.

They are passionate about the subject matter, and they can write more than ten articles a day in less than 4 hours.

That is the power of specialization strategy in writing for cash.

As time goes on, they become the recognized expert in the subject. Their style of writing becomes the standard for that kind of articles.

If you choose the specialization method of writing for cash, you can build up a reputable for being an expert author in the field.

Everyone has passion for certain things. If you have a few pure breed dogs, you will find writing about the dogs is easy.

You can write so much about the feeding habit, the sicknesses and the breeding of the dogs.

You do not need to do much research since you are writing from your experience.

The disadvantage of specialization in writing for cash is the money matter. If your interest belongs to the low-income producing subject, you will not make much money even if you have 10,000 articles online.

That is why you need to specialize in a few topics.

If you are a business student, you can specialize in the writing of business articles. This is on top of your passion in dogs.

Specialization can make you bored. Sometimes you will find that the niche is too narrow for more articles. For example, you have a hundred articles about raw food diet. The thought of writing one more article about raw food diet makes you sick.

You can make more money from the business articles than the articles about dogs.

Writing for cash requires you to have a working strategy.

It is impossible to make money if you have to think about what to write every day. It is impossible to make money if you write only two articles per month.