A person who writes is called a Scribe

Many places to write and many things to write about

Since time began man has recorded events in some  way, we  find  evidence of  this in many  places and  in many ways. People that lived  in caves had  no alphabet but they drew pictures on the  wall of  their cave of  the animals  they  met and the events that happened  in their  world. They were some  of the first  writers or if you will artist  story tellers. 

That was probably the  beginning of  recorded history. Since that time, better  ways  to record and  keep history records where  man can learn from our  mistakes. We record  events now so the  we  will know  what happened before and then becomes our  history. History is  changing and  being made every day.

Writers are an important part of  history and they are not always honest some thinking they can change  history with a stroke  of the, and some possibly have. Even in  biblical times the  scribes were known not to be  honest , as far back 600b.c. in the time of  Jeremiah the prophet they talk about the lying  pen of  the scribe (Jer 8: 8) "but behold the lying  pen of the  scribes has made  it  into a  lie." So perhaps the old  saying  " the pen is mightier that the  sword" is  true.

The definition of  a scribe is  a "copier, or writer".  the  thing is  most people  could  not read or  write in the old times so they had to depend of  the  honesty and  ability of  another person, and they are paid  in some  way,  they are supposedly  honest  about  what  they write.

Today we have computers and almost every one  is  educated and can read well enough to check up on the writer, but lies can still be told. What makes me  wonder about people is why lie? you  will be  found  out  eventually.

The  computer data can be changed and  modified and if the person is  smart he may be  able to get away with the changes at least  for a time, eventually  it will catch up with him or  her. 

In this day and  age  we have a whole new  world  opened up to us, there  are many places to get your  articles published also there are  places that specialize  in publishing  poetry. the  list is  endless and you can pick and  choose  how and  where  your work is published, and  some pay  you for the article , but  some  only pay  you each time the article  is  read, so you can keep writing  until you get enough "views" to earn a payday.

A modern-day court recorder is  a lot like the scribes of biblical times, they are paid  to sit in the court and take down everything that is said by the  witness, judge and attorney, so there is written record of  the complete trial. If any point  needs to be  clarified the  recorder is supposed to have taken it  down completely and accurately.