Writing for money dilemma

Name : Anonymous

Age : 45

Why : Writing for money about Cancer versus AIDSs, moral dilemma

I have been writing for the printed pages and the web for more than 10 years. I have written a lot of articles about different subjects, from war, rape to child birth. Every time I felt satisfied and grateful for the income. With the recent recession and the relentless competition in my line of work I have had to supplement my income with a part-time job. I felt alright about that as the job provided me an opportunity to get out more instead of sitting behind my computer the whole day. At first, I didn't miss the sound of my keyboard clicking throughout the day. I felt relieved to have a steady although low income from my part-time job. In the mean time, I started a blog and tried to monetize it. I thought I could use this as a back door to returning to my past heydays. I wrote a few articles but got only a few views and almost no comments. I wasn't making any money to keep the momentum going. I wasn't fazed because I knew I needed time for things to pick up.

After about 8 months of writing sporadically, desperation started to set in. I started to question my writing skills. I read a few blogs on how to drive traffic to your site and how to get a better SEO rating. I even read about getting better clicks if you write about cancer. I laughed at the idea and just dismissed the whole thing. Several weeks later I revisited the idea. Desperation probably got the better of me. I really wanted people to visit my blog so that I could earn more than the peanuts I see on my google adsense account. I decided I was going to write about cancer even though I knew nothing about it. I started to put a few words together but I couldn't go on. It felt wrong and my heart just wouldn't let me. My mind was telling to just write whatever came out of my head. Furthermore, if I didn't do it, someone else will. However, I still couldn't get the ideas together the way I wanted to. After a few attempts I jumped ship

A few days passed and I still didn't have the article ready. A thought sprung to mind. Why not write about another disease? Yes, why not write about aids? Yes, and AIDs it was. This time around, I felt no qualms about it. The ideas came flowing and words just materialized. At the end of the article I had a sort of a moral dilemma. Why was it easier to write about AIDs and not Cancer? I don't have an answer. Maybe we could someday all die of Cancer whereas AIDs can be avoided. Just maybe! I am the WorstSinner ever?