Everyday someone somewhere is writing online. All of us writers know we love to share info, news, and our lives with others. But did you know you can make money online with writing? Many people have no idea what this is or where to start.

Around two years ago I was surfing the web and looking for ways that I could make money while staying at home. I was really not into the whole nine to five thing but I still wanted to help with the bills anyway that I could.

One day I was surfing the web and came across a site where they said they would pay you to write articles. My thoughts were sure they are gonna pay me. But without a second thought I made the choice to write some articles on this site and never looked back.

And I am so glad I did since than I have made a good amount of money from my freelance writer. Now let me tell you I have no degree yet although I am working on my assoicates in business at the moment. My spelling is not the best and my grammer needs to be worked on however I still have made money from home without paying any fees just from writing articles just like the one you are reading now.

Here are a few things you need to do in order to make money online from writing. First I suggest to open a free paypal account. Most of the websites that pay their users require you to have this. There is no cost for one so you should have no trouble there.

Second I would write down some ideas you may have about what you would like to write about or even start writing articles either on paper or in a word document. That way you have them when you do start singing up for writing sites.

Next I would set aside time that you can write. If you already have a job do not quit because freelance income can be high one month and low the next. Start keeping track of your earnings and create a spreadsheet or notebook at home to see your progress.

Also I think it is great to carry around a little notebook and jot down ideas that may come up or you could use your cell phone's notepad as well.

Keep writing as often as you are able and you too will start seeing money coming in from writing online. Write what you like, and write what you would like to learn about. Post links and share your articles with friends and family via social networks and such sites.