Where do you get writing ideas?

Some writers can write 20 articles every day without running out of writing ideas. Some writers cannot produce a single article despite staring at the blank page for an hour.

How do you get writing ideas?

Let us look at the different ways to get writing ideas.

1. Discussion forum

When you surf the discussion forum, you can check out the lengthy discussion thread. You can use the information as the basis for writing articles.

For example, someone asks for ideas of cooking chicken for diabetes patients. A few persons reply with their favorite recipes.

Since that is a discussion thread, the tone is very conversational and not in article style. You can use that as a basis for writing an article about cooking chicken for diabetes patients.

2. Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers work in the same way as discussion thread.

The benefit of using Yahoo Answers is that the question itself serves as the title for your article.

When a question attracts more than four answers, you will have enough material to write a 400 words article.

3. Newspaper

Newspaper contains many excellent articles.

The problem with newspaper articles is the lack of seo techniques in writing.

You can use the information and rewrite with seo techniques. Bear in mind to rewrite everything in your own words. You do not want to get into trouble with the copyright of the national newspaper.

4. Debate topic

You can use a debate topic as a basis for your article.

Most debate topic requires you to take a stand. However, when you write in article style, you can write from both perspectives.

For example, you can write about the necessity of a college education. You can write the pros and cons of a college education instead of taking a stand in the debate. That is an interesting debate topic, and an interesting title for an article.

5. Article directories

Many articles in article directories have good ideas. However, some articles are badly written.

You can use the ideas as the basis to compose your article. Remember not to copy anything. You must write original articles based on your preferred writing style.

6. Academic articles

You can hunt for the college examination papers to look at the examination questions. A question requires you to write a lengthy answer.

You can treat each examination question as the title for an article.

When you write as if you are answering the examination question, you are writing article to target students taking the same course worldwide.

Topics about business management, economics, marketing, project management and other subject matters will never run out of readers.

The students will search for information online.

You need to understand the subject well enough to write academic articles.

7. Products

You use many products every day. You can write reviews for each product you use.

For example, what is the brand of toothpaste you use in the morning? Why do you buy this brand? Are you doing to buy the same brand? If yes, why? If no, why?

When you have given thought to the questions, you can write a review article. You can monetize the article by affiliate marketing for Amazon, Sears or Kmart.

If the product is so bad that you will never buy again, you can recommend a better product to your readers. You cannot sell a product that you hate so much.

If you do not make any recommendation, you cannot make a single cent from the article.

Where do you get writing ideas? Do you think you will run out of writing ideas?

If you follow the tips above, I doubt you will run out of writing ideas for another ten years.