Everyone who writes online has more or less an aim or a goal in mind. Some just want a bit of residual income. Others want to earn a fulltime living off their articles. Still others just want to write and see what happens. No matter what your goals and aims are, having a strategy can be helpful. What do I mean by having a strategy? Some people have argued that you earn about 10 dollars per article per year. That works about to about 83 cents per month per article. If you were to write an average of 10 articles per month, that will give you about 120 articles at the end of the year. At .83 cents, you would expect to earn about to about 10 dollars per month the following year. The first year is not always relevant as you need time to write the articles and wait for search engine maturity. What can you do with 10 dollars per month? Let us put it another way, what can you do with 0.33 cents per day. Nothing! You might think moving to a country where the living expense are lower will make that feasible. In most countries in the world 0.33 cents will not get you much.

Some people will reason, if I could write more articles then I could do better. What if I write 1000 articles the first year and then reap the rewards the following. Bring out your calculator and let's do the math again. 1000 articles at 0.83 cents per month will give you 830 dollars per month. Your eyes are probably trying to pop out of their sockets at the moment with excitement. Well, wait a minute, is that really so? Would you earn 830 dollars if you had 1000 articles? No! Here is the reality, having more articles is not always the key to success. You need to think how you can make "Less" become "More". What do you need to do to get more from fewer articles? Your articles need to be relevant. That is the key to earning more. You need to understand that you get more earnings when people click on ads. However, it is not that simple. At times people click on ads and your share of the earnings is so minimal that it doesn't even register in your Adsense estimated earnings. If no one is clicking on the ads attached to your articles, you will have to rely on page impressions. If you want to make residual income online through writing, you will need to enrich your Adsense vocabulary. I shall be explaining with page impressions and clicks mean. For now let's look at traffic. This might sound familiar to those who have to sit through hours of traffic every single day just to get to work. We are not talking about that. We are talking about getting readers to your articles.

This is when good traffic to your articles might be handy. If you were to get thousands of views per day because of the number of articles you have written, you will be looking at 30 thousands page impressions per month (minimum). How much is that in dollars? Well it depends. Thousands of page impressions means a lot of people came and viewed your articles. How does almighty Google Adsense see that?

Let's delve into a bit of vocabulary. When ads are attached or served to your articles, they come in two forms. You have the ads called CPC (paid per click). This means you get zero earnings because those advertisers are not paying per view. These advertisers only pay if someone clicks. It means you could have 30 thousands page views and you earn a "BIG ZERO". The other ad type that Google Adsense serves is called CPM (paid per view) ads. If you have worked hard writing up to a thousand articles, then you might receive some earnings. Remember, you cannot determine what type of ads Google Adsense will serve to your articles. So how much should you expect to earn with 30 thousands page impressions per month? Someone on a forum claimed to earn about 40 dollars per day with just over 20000 page impressions per day. That works out to about 0.002 cents per view. If you translate this to your 30000 pages impressions per month, you will probably make about 60 dollars per month. Such an anticlimax, but that is the way Google plays it. With only 60 dollars to play with, you would expect everyone to sign off from Adsense. That is not the case and Google knows it. Where else would you go if you are not with Adsense.

What is the point of this figures? The point is that you cannot just really on writing a lot of articles in order to be able to make more money. Of course having hundreds of articles increases your chance of making more money with Adsense. However, you need to pay attention to what you write about. Someone with about 500 articles might consistently make more money than someone with over a thousand. It all depends on how relevant your articles are to the ads being served by Google. By the way, there are ads that pay more and others that pay pittance. Adsense is a black box and there is no way Google is going to share that state secret with you.

How do you write relevant articles? This is a hit and miss issue. There is no exact science to what you need to write about. There are ideas that could help. Here is a hint.

Writing Online: If you want to specialize in writing online articles, you will probably generate more views but do you think people looking for online writing actually click on ads? Remember you earn more when readers visit your advertisers.

If you understand the meaning of the above paragraph, you will begin to think differently and optimize you articles accordingly. By all means write more articles but don't just concentrate on quantity. Think Content and Clicks!