If you could read peoples mind and understand what they really want, that will help you create the best articles that will satisfy their needs. We are not Jesus, so we mostly guess or try to get hints from Google. However, there are a few things that we already know that we could tap into. This information could help most writers achieve quality. When we go to a website that offers current affairs or new events, we are not only looking for news, our eyes tend to rove all over the place looking for what else is on offer. To be truthful, news is very depressing, but it is a fact of life. Newspapers offer more than just news. They offer the following: News, Adult Content, Entertainment, Fashion, Gossip, Horoscope etc. Here is a screen shot of a popular news website.

A look at what is on offer will give you an idea of what people are searching for. Sometimes we are just looking for gossip related news. For example, when the news about Tiger Woods infidelity broke, most people wanted to read about all the salacious details. Was it really news? It doesn't matter because it was entertaining. Most readers just want to waste a few hours and reading about celebrities getting caught, behaving badly is a good way to spend your time. Would you say tabloid style writing is quality journalism? Maybe! Quality is about giving people what they want. If they are happy and want more, you would have achieved some degree of quality. Others are looking for information about how to deal with a particular problem. Some will check the Agony Aunt section. The ideas dished out by Agony Aunts are not based on some scientific study nor are the people behind it experts in their field. Does it matter? No! If you are happy with the advice you receive, you would not be bothered by the rest. That is quality because it depends on customer satisfaction. You don't have to be ISO certified to be able to write quality articles.

Adult content is not in any way related to news but a lot of newspapers actually offer this. Why? I will take that as a rhetorical question. The hint you get from this is that, not everyone wants serious information. If you have that nailed and engraved on your on finger tips, you will begin to ask yourself, what really constitutes quality article?

Quality is subjective when it comes to writing. You might think what you have written is quality, but your readers might feel differently. How many times have you read an article and thought, I have just wasted 2 minutes of my life that I will never get back. The ironic thing about this is, the writer obviously thought it was worth writing and that someone is going to appreciate his effort. Things to be aware of if you want to write quality articles:

What People Want: At times you write something because you feel passionate about it. The way you later communicate your passion can be felt by your readers. If you write what people want to read, you have a certain measure of quality. You become a nobody when your articles are just words. You need to be relevant to what is going on. If people can connect with you through your writing, they will be pleased with the information you provide.

Goal: What are you trying to achieve with your article? Are you trying to entertain, inform, provide help, create controversy. The more you understand your goal, the better you will be in orienting your ideas to fit your objective. There is no point in being dispersed and going on a long troll only to achieve nothing. The longer your article the more difficult it might become to stay focus. You want your readers to receive what you've promised in your title. Online writing is not like a novel with plots and rebounds. You don't have time for that and neither do your readers.

Grammar and Spelling: This is one way people judge your article. I have heard some people who get really irritated when an article is full of grammatical and spelling errors. The general idea is this, if you cannot be bothered to write correctly, why should they bother to read your worthless article? That sounds judgmental, but a little effort with regards to this can go a long way to make your readers happy. Your ultimate goal is to get readers. If that is what it take to make them happy, then go the extra mile and double check your work.

Promise: Does your article deliver on its promise. If you were to click on an article about how to make money writing online, you would expect the article to be forthcoming and not glance over the key issues. Don't disappoint your readers with generic information. You have to be specific and tell them what to do. Avoid the pitfall of writing some like this: "You need to find a niche and write about it". That is a terrible thing to do. To create quality, you need to tell your readers how to find that niche. If you are afraid of sharing that secret, then, don't bother writing.

Get real: No matter how good you write, not everyone will be enchanted. Write subjectively and think objectively. The problem with most writers is that they tend to take themselves too seriously. If you remember that writing is an art and you are playing with words when you try to convey you thought, that should help you deal with rejection. How many paintings have you looked at and think, goodness that is awful. Someone else will look at the painting and like it. It is all about perception and the way people feel about what they see. The same goes for writing. You don't need to be hung up about people not liking what you've written. You just take comfort in knowing that not everyone feels that way about your style.