There are many people who think that writing web content is the way to get rich online. They forget that writing article is never the easiest way to get rich.

If you struggled to compose an essay in school, you would have remembered the difficulty of writing.

It is hard to start writing article. That is why writing web content to get rich is difficult for most people.

You need strong motivation to stare at the blank page and start writing.

You need to write consistently and persistently to reach the first $10 from writing web content. You need the right techniques in writing web content in order to get readers from search engines.

If you do not even know what is seo, and the importance of keyword research, you will find that a hundred articles do not even earn a dollar.

How do you earn money from writing web content? There are a few factors you must consider.

1. Keyword research

Keyword research allows you to know the audience. Writing web content is not just about imparting information. Writing web content is more similar to marketing.

You need to select the readers. You need to know how the readers use the search engines. If you choose to write an article about Google Adsense, you are writing for the readers who search for Google Adsense.

If you choose to use Google Adsence, you are targeting the readers who misspell the phrase. You will be surprised to see that many readers do not know how to spell correctly.

2. Quantity

Writing web content is about quantity, as well as quality.

You are not going to get rich with just one article. It is not possible to earn enough money for a cup of coffee with ten articles. You need to have a few thousand articles if you want to quit the full time job.

If each article earns one cent per day, you can make $10 with 1000 articles online. It does not seem such a big amount. However, you can think of the potential earnings over a period of ten years.

If each article earns just one cent per day for you, you can earn $36.50 from that article in ten years' time. Imagine the amount of money if you have 4000 articles working for you.

That is why writing web content is about quantity and quality.

3. Quality

The quality of articles online is not as good as the quality of articles on print. The reason is that online articles do not go through thorough editing.

The national newspaper employs reporters and editors to ensure a consistently high quality. The readers are paying for the articles. That is why they demand almost perfect command of English or the language of publication.

The readers are more forgiving when they read online. After all, they do not have to pay a single cent for reading material online.

They scan your articles instead of reading word for word. The readers will scan through the articles in ten seconds, before they decide on reading it.

That is why writing web content is less about grammar and spelling. The focus of writing web content is on the quality of the information, and not the grammar usage.

4. Advertisers

If you are writing web content for a living, you would know the importance of writing for advertisers.

Many content writers focus on high paying Adsense keywords. They know that they can earn a higher amount per click by selecting the highest paying keyword.

If your main income source is Google Adsense, that is one working strategy.

If your income source from writing web content is affiliate marketing, you can focus on getting readers to click on the links to the websites of the merchants.

Most affiliate marketers earn when the readers buy the product and service. If the commission is $20, and you make ten sales from a single article advertising the product, that means you make $200 from a single article.

That is not possible for a newbie. Most writers engaging in article marketing write more than 20 articles to promote a single product before they can get a sale.

Writing web content for affiliate marketing requires a business mindset. You can see yourself as a businessman rather than a writer.

Are you interested in writing web content? Bear in mind that writing web content is hard work. Writing web content is not the easiest way to get rich online.


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