Writing with sound

There are many environments to write and if you are a loner and does not like to write with the buzz of traffic in the background, that is your choice and it is fine. The right spot for an artist is where he feels the most driven and comfortable. Does he work with sound? Does he work with the music of the streets? Can he capture the perfect sunset with words? There is music and rhythm in writing and certain pieces of music such as Arabic, Indian or foreign sounds are particularly beautiful to work with and evoke feelings you have never felt before. Writers have short flashes of brilliance where a single sentence or paragraph can elevate the book to new heights. Music can loosen you up and bring out the real writer in you.


Sound is particularly important in fictional writing when you are describing a setting such as the bustling streets of Mumbai or the contrasting silence of a desert at night. Sound is inspirational. If you live near a beach you might be inspired to create a new fictional character for the novel you are working on. You can write by hand. Have you tried it? For this writer, with article writing the sound is off; with creative or fictional writing the sound is on – especially for long works like 300-page novels where it is important that you be in sync with your characters and the plot. Music in the background can stir feelings and in so doing new ideas are born.


Right spot to write - Writing does not always entail a laptop; you can have just a notebook and pen and scribble down important facts. The space where you create is important. Is it at a desk at home? In the living room where the kids play? In the kitchen where your partner is cooking, or in a quiet spot no bigger than a closet? It does not matter. Maybe you are one of those writers who can only create in silence. For other writers, the more distraction; the better. Whatever works best for you is the place where you should write.