Wrongful death cases are those which resulted from a person or a company's negligence that led to the demise of the victim.

Chemical burns and toxic exposure are two of the least popular causes of wrongful deaths nationwide. Victims may not realize the danger and the extent of their exposure to these chemicals until it is too late and the treatment or medication may have little or no effect on them.

Everyone is in danger from these burns and exposure to toxic chemicals. You may not be aware that you are likely to be injured or acquire illnesses from:

  • Dangers at Home

People who seldom go out are unaware that they might be exposed to toxins which can cause illnesses and injuries that will eventually kill them. Unknown to most of us, there are harmful chemicals in the home equipments and household products that we use daily.

Some of these products contain Polyvinylchloride (PVC) which is a type of plastic that are used in items such as shower curtains, plumbing pipes, and other materials used in construction. Long exposure to PVC's carcinogenic byproducts can cause brain and lung cancer, weakened immune system, birth defects, and death.

Aside from PVCs, Beryllium is also common in household items that we frequently use. Beryllium is a metal component usually used in ceramics and electronic equipments. Serious illnesses that can lead to death can be attributed to long exposure to Beryllium as its dust can be inhaled and circulate through different organs inside the body.

  • Dangers at the Workplace

Factory and construction workers, on the other hand, may be aware of their exposure to these harmful substances but not all of them are certain about the extent that these toxic chemicals can cause. Since PVCs and other hazardous chemicals are used in construction, workers must be sure to wear masks that should lessen their chances of inhaling these toxic substances.

Benzene, just like PVCs and Beryllium can cause serious illnesses like leukemia. It is found mostly in solvents, dry cleaning fluids, pesticides, and adhesives. Needless to say, factory workers manufacturing these products are in grave danger as they can have cancer over long periods of exposure from these chemicals.

Los Angeles Wrongful Death Attorneys are trained to handle wrongful death cases involving chemical burns and toxic exposure. Survivors of victims of these hazardous products should consult with them to know more about the compensatory damages that they can recover.