If you want to protect yourself from becoming a victim of wrongful termination in Wisconsin, you should know that you have plenty of options available to you. During these tough economic times, perhaps more than ever before, you must stand up for yourself if you lose your job for illegitimate reasons. Nobody is going to come to your rescue. You must take the steps to deal with it on your own, but you are not alone in the fight, since many others face the same prospects every single day. Here's some information about wrongful termination in Wisconsin, and how to protect yourself.

What is "at will" employment?




"Employment at will" essentially means that either the employer or employee may end employment at any time, for any reason. The state falls into this category. This can be quite confusing for those looking to fight wrongful termination in Wisconsin for any reason.

Wrongful termination in Wisconsin is often overlooked because many people feel that since they live in an employment "at will" state, they can be let for any reason. This is not true. Employers must still follow certain rules and guidelines, including federal guidelines, for employment. To find out more, consider free legal advice by phone 24 hours a day.

How do I protect myself?




To protect yourself from wrongful termination in Wisconsin, you should follow some really simple steps. If you cannot afford a lawyer, you may qualify for a legal line of credit. If it looks like you may lose your job, or the company you work for has a history of shady business practices or ethics, you will need to take these steps.

Get copies of everything: If you have any contracts, get a copy. When you receive a performance review, get a copy. Be sure to retain these copies for your records. This is really the most important thing you can do to protect yourself from wrongful termination in Wisconsin. It's always best to have things in writing. If you don't have a written form of some sort that would support your case, there's a good chance the employer will mysteriously lose it. This is common with wrongful termination in Wisconsin, or any other state.

Know the employee manual: You really need to take time to read and understand the employee manual or handbook you are given to combat wrongful termination in Wisconsin. You will most likely have to sign that you read and understand the book. Many employers will use these guides as a reason to fire you, if you don't follow all the rules set out in them. To help further protect yourself from wrongful termination in Wisconsin, you should take note of a common practice, having you sign that you understand the items listed before you have a chance to read or ask questions. If this happens, be sure to log it in a journal.

Keep a journal: To protect yourself from wrongful termination in Wisconsin, you should keep a journal of anything that seems "off." It's best to write things that go on down immediately, not after days or weeks. A journal of these occurrences should include specific dates, times, names, and any other specific information you can come up with. This will give you a chance to fight your wrongful termination in Wisconsin.

Acknowledge receipt only: When you get a performance review or reprimand, do not acknowledge the issues, especially if you don't agree with them, by making comments about how you will work on the issues listed. Instead, you should simply write something like "I acknowledge receipt of this form" and sign your name. This will help you successfully fight wrongful termination in Wisconsin. Stating you agree with the items or will try to make improvements can be used against you in court. Writing how much you disagree with the items listed could be used against you by your boss. Acknowledging receipt is a relatively safe way to go.

Follow the chain of command: To help protect yourself from wrongful termination in Wisconsin, you should follow the chain of command set forth by the company. If you have issues with a boss, and your policies state to deal with them first, followed by moving one step up the ladder, that's exactly what you should do. Failure to do so could be considered insubordination by some employers. In fact, failure to follow the appropriate chain of command causes many victims of wrongful termination in Wisconsin to lose during their day in court. Make sure this doesn't happen to you.

Get confirmation from others: If you feel you will fall prey to wrongful termination in Wisconsin, you may need to gather evidence from your coworkers. If some of your fellow teammates overheard conversations, or has firsthand knowledge of specific incidents, talk to them about it. Getting written statements is preferred, but it could put your friends and coworkers in a bad predicament if things go bad. Just be sure to use appropriate caution when you look to avoid or protect yourself from wrongful termination in Wisconsin.

Request your personnel file: There are federal and state laws in play that ensure you access to your personnel files. This can help you combat wrongful termination in Wisconsin. You may have to make the request in writing, which is fine. You should retain the copies for your records. If you can, try to write something like "15 pages included" and ask for a signature from the company rep giving you the copies. You may raise a few eyebrows with this one, so it's best to only use this if you think the loss of your job is inevitable. You can fight for your rights when you have evidence.

Use union reps: If you are a member of a union, use the reps to help you avoid wrongful termination in Wisconsin. You will often find help from the union, which can help you save your job, or provide legal help if you lose it.

Be careful:




Some of the things I listed for wrongful termination in Wisconsin may actually cause you to lose your job more quickly, depending on your employer. If you boss sees you as a bad egg, they may fire you for obscure reasons, justifiable based on policies of the company. You must use appropriate caution, so you don't make it too obvious that you are attempting to protect yourself from wrongful termination in Wisconsin.


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