A baluster is a shaft mold or spindle used as a supporting stand for a handrail, banister or a parapet, it can be made of iron or wood. The word baluster was derived from the French word baluster meaning pomegranate flower, like that of a flower bud just about to blossom.

Wrought iron balusters are railings made of iron that is tough, ductile, malleable but still relatively soft used for stairs so it is easily welded that is commercially available. One of the most popular or preferred material for stairs is wrought iron.

It has an antique appeal to it that a lot of people prefer. Normally, the wrought iron balusters only came in black but lately, there are several other finishes to select from like:

Mate phosphate that has a natural rustic surface, smooth satin black, antique bronze that has the matte brown with a textured powder coat finish, flat black which is lightly textured and can be painted on if you prefer to have other colors finished with a powder coating process, powder coated for the grey black textured finish, antique nickel which is hand matte finished common similar to other hardware finishes and the oil rubbed copper which has the old world styling finish like that of the past.

Wrought iron stair balusters are made of pure iron and has very low carbon content compared to steel. It is also natural alternative to wood, or cast products not compromising the strength security since the stairs is the strongest structure of the house.

A good wrought iron baluster can always be packed according to the customer's desire as well as the size and the material. The net provides a wide variety of wrought iron balusters to choose from, all you have to do is to check which one would suit your taste and which one would look good to make your house the dream home you always wanted. No matter what you choose make sure it goes well with your stair railing designs.

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