The more I fix up my yard this year the more I realize that simple is better.  I have always loved the idea of wrought iron outdoor lighting and hanging candle holders, but I also love the heavy look of the metal, and I really think it suits outside living.

But I had always hesitated to do anything permanent simply because of the construction, the mess and the money that would be involved to run conduit and other power issues.  I live in an older style 50s bungalow and although we have upgraded the electrical panel, I didn’t think to get many wires run outside because I really didn’t have a plan for my outdoor oasis just yet!

But as I researched different products online and to get outdoor lighting ideas I came across this really cool outdoor candle chandelier that I thought would look awesome under a covered porch or a gazebo.

There are no wires involved, as it is all candle light which I think would look really cool on those summer evenings.  Instead of lighting candles all over the tables you could simply flood the area with light with these hanging candle chandeliers. 

I think this would be a safer way to use candles outside, and candle light is just a beautiful soft light that would really give a nice glow to the back deck.  You hang it to the height you want and you can get strong S hooks to accomplish this. 

As long as the candles you use are not taller than the glass holders you will have a safe lighting option and the wind will not blow them out. 

Wrought Iron Outdoor LightingCredit:
Wrought Iron 6 Arm Votive Candle Chandelier w/ Pots-Hand Made
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(price as of Mar 23, 2016)
these are perfect for outdoor gazebos, covered porches and back decks.

Outdoor Chandeliers

As I plan my backyard escape area I am pleased to find many products that simply need to be installed without running wires or other construction.  You may think this is not a big deal if you have a covered porch and have close access to the house, but what if you have a gazebo down in the back of the yard or maybe a cottage with limited power and you want to enjoy them late into the evening. 

I like the independence of these products, and electrical lighting in my opinion does not give the ambiance that I really would like to have in my oasis and it attracts bugs.  So, if you like the idea of hanging candle holders or outdoor chandeliers without running expensive wiring or digging up anything then check out the candles.

This particular one is made right in the USA and is sturdy.  As with any flame you need to exercise caution as to where you use this, but as long as you don’t have it jammed right up against the ceiling or roof of a gazebo you will enjoy the soft lighting.

You could even use scented candles to give the area a nice aroma, but usually in the summer time I enjoy the scent of flowers and nature in the evening.

So, if you are like me, and trying to find ways to create your own private space without too much construction and money then check online for ideas.  Wrought Iron outdoor lighting is timeless and it will always be in style.  You see it in furniture and accessories such as garden hose holders and more.  It can stand the test of time.   

You can decorate your yard with it and have fun with garden plant stands that you can fit inbetween shrubs or sconces you can use on fences or window boxes and even wrought iron wall art that is functional and yet beautiful.  There are so many ways to brighten up your space this year.