I have been trying to create my very own private oasis in my yard this year and because I love metal I started looking for wrought iron plants stands.

But I wanted something a little different, something that I could put right in my garden rather than display on my back deck.  I just love the idea of objects mixed in with the shrubs.  They not only take up some space (shrubs can get expensive when you first start a new flower bed) especially if you have had to space out your plantings, but look good and add some whimsy.

I saw many of the typical plant stands that say welcome, and other sayings, that would be perfect for the front porch, but I wanted something to sit right in the dirt in my garden.  I finally found this really cute looking bicycle planter.

This would be perfect to fit between some shrubs I have planted that need lots of space to spread.  So, instead of simply having mulch or vacant space there, I wanted some colour in a 3D sort of way.  I figured with this style of garden décor I could move it elsewhere when the shrubs get bigger and being made from metal, it will be robust enough to last quite a few seasons.

I like this one because you can put a cute 10 inch pot of flowers in the basket, and change it up each year.  It just adds some dimension to your flower beds.

It is not a permanent structure so you can sit this anywhere.  I liked the idea of heavier metal, because it always compliments colour in the garden.

Wrought Iron Plant StandsCredit: Amazon.com
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These are a fun way to dress up your garden.

I like to go to flea markets and garage sales too and find many different ways of decorating my flower beds and garden.  You can find some really unique items this way.  Sometimes people just get fed up with them, and sell them off.

If you find metal or wrought iron items for the garden and they don’t look their best, don’t let that put you off.  Simply brush off any dirt, give it a good wash, let it dry and then paint it with metal paint.  I have always liked black for metal, but you can change it up if you prefer.

This way you get whimsical things for your garden on the cheap.  But don’t forget to look online.  I love this wrought iron tricycle and it is an affordable way to take up some of the empty space between my new flowering shrubs, to give some dimension and something cute to look at when surveying and enjoying my yard from my back deck. 

I thought a pot of flowers with hanging annuals in them so that they would drape over the back of the bike would look really nice.

This would also make a great house warming gift for anyone with a garden.  You could present it to them with a plant already in it.  It would instantly brighten any green shrub garden.

So, if you are looking for wrought iron plant stands or other whimsical décor for your yard, then check online.  I have found all kinds of wonder things such as wrought iron sconces, and hanging chandeliers online as well as beautiful wall art and plant stands that will really add to your yard.   You could even beautify your windows with iron boxes that look great.

The prices are good and you will find a much larger assortment than you would at the local garden center.  Your favourite garden center might even have a presence online too, so worth checking to find really cool things for your private oasis this year.

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I really like the look of this one too.