Are you searching for an excellent neutral wall sconce with a classic Old World flair? Wrought iron wall sconces are just what you want. Wrought iron wall sconces add a classic European touch to any decor while their neutral palette rarely overshadows the major design themes of your room. Built for either candle or electric bulb lighting, these sconces give a sense of elegance to a home, no matter if the home's design is more modern or classic. 

What Is Wrought Iron?

Wrought Iron Wall Sconces_1(109514)In its most basic definition, wrought iron means simply means "worked iron" and this is important to note, as most items branded as wrought iron today (including sconces) are actually made with mild steel. Traditional wrought iron has not been made commercially in the US for over four decades. Though due to the simplest definition of "worked iron", the label "wrought iron" still holds true for the wonderful designs of wrought iron wall sconces and other home furnishings. 

There are many similarities between wrought iron and mild steel. Both are of course iron alloys, and their properties make it so the metals are very malleable to work with, yet strong when set as a finished product. Because of this, you can create many unique shapes with both metals, and it shows in wrought iron home decor.

A big difference between the two, though, is an important one for home decor. Traditional wrought iron is well-known for its non-corrosiveness. Mild steel, on the other hand, tends to rust. When you are considering where to put your wrought iron wall sconces, this is an important fact to remember. 

Another big difference is the price. Mild steel is much less expensive than traditional wrought iron, so the costs of your wall sconces are much more economical because of the Wrought Iron Wall Sconces_3(109516)usage of mild steel. 

Where To Use Wrought Iron Wall Sconces

Wrought iron wall sconces can help create a rustic feel in almost any room, but the best thing about them is their neutrality. They are typically a dark gray or muted black. These sconces are terrific grounding elements for many decor styles, especially styles using neutral color palettes. They are also terrific for giving a sense of dramatic lighting to an area while not drawing too much attention to themselves. For instance, to balance a room, you can place two traditional looking wrought iron wall sconces on either side of a favorite painting and be assured that the sconces will only accentuate the scene and not steal focus. 

The designs of wrought iron wall sconces can Wrought Iron Wall Sconces_2(109515)also stand out in a crowd. The metal's malleability can lead to some real unique shapes and sizes. If the colors of the iron work for your design, don't be afraid to use a unique set as a focal piece. They are excellent additions to an entry way in a country-styled home or as lighting focal points in an Old World style den. They can also be used in outdoor patios, but remember modern wrought iron wall sconces tend to rust. Realize you may need to replace them every so often. 

Where To Buy Wrought Iron Wall Sconces

Because of their popularity, wrought iron wall sconces are found in almost every home and garden store, home goods store and home improvement store. They are also available online from these vendors, as well as Internet-only vendors like and many others.