If you are trying to create ambiance in your yard this year and are looking for some really cool outdoor lighting ideas, then check out the wrought iron wall sconces for candles I found online.

I love anything to do with wrought iron especially for outside living.  I just love the look of the heavier metal and I find the rustic qualities just add to the space.  It tends to be timeless and you can always add accessories.

I have been trying to come up with ways to add some beauty and function to my yard for family fun and entertaining and also just for “me time”, without breaking the bank. 

I simply don’t have the funds available to start running electrical conduits throughout the yard and I simply never seem to have a laid out written down plan about where I want these things to be installed.  I am just not the greatest at forward thinking.  I just look at my yard once the good weather arrives and start coming up with ideas.

Next year I may want to change things around, so for me, products have to be portable, independent and yet very robust.  Many things I do get for my yard have to be able to stay out there under a cover for the long winter, so they can’t be too delicate or touchy with freezing conditions. 

I find wrought iron perfect that way.  Take off the cover, a quick scrub and maybe some paint and it is back in action.  I had just recently found online the perfect wrought iron outdoor candle chandelier to use on my back deck, so I looked at other ways to light up my yard in a cool way and came across these sconces that could attach to the fence or deck posts or the wall of the house for my outdoor lighting ideas.

Wrought Iron Wall Sconces for CandlesCredit: Amazon.com
Shoreline Wrought Iron Candle Wall Sconce for Home Decor- Cup/Pillar Wax Candles-Antique Iron Patina
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(price as of Sep 19, 2013)
these are robust and will last years.

This gives off a nice romantic glow, and yet they still look good during the daylight hours too.  This makes a nice change from those high flame sticks people put in their gardens!

I just love the look of the metal, and a couple of these on a fence in the yard would look great and would last a very long time.  Where I live the summers are short and I want to enjoy every minute of them, so staying outdoors after dark is normal at my house.  We would usually light a candle on the table but being able to see your company and maybe light up your yard a bit with candle light is dead romantic I think and will also help with bugs.

You also want safe options for holding your candles outside.  You need robust containers to minimize dangers of flame.  It would be nice to simply sit around a camp fire, but most of us city dwellers can’t do that, so candle lighting is the next best thing!

If you have a bare wall outside then consider wrought iron wall sconces for candles, they could light up a walkway or even your garden or water feature if you have one.  Enjoy the nice weather and skip the renovation and construction, find products that work anywhere in the yard for your oasis this year.