There are so many beds available for our cats and dogs, but the ultimate in status living for the upwardly mobile pet is the wrought iron bed. These fantastic beds come in many different designs that can even compliment your own bed.
Wrought iron beds have the advantage that they are completely chew proof from any puppies and make a fine talking point when friends come over to dine. As you'd expect, some of them can carry a pretty hefty price tag, so in this article we'll take a look as some of the options available.

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Wrought Iron canopy beds

These beds are similar to a four poster bed and consist of the base with a canopy over the top which can then be fitted with a fabric of your choice to compliment the room. These wrought iron dog beds usually come with just the frame so that you can put your choice of cushion and cover on.

Wrought Iron elevated beds

The elevated wrought iron dog bed comes in a variety of sizes for cats or dogs, and may also come with a choice of colours for the cushion. Some manufacturers even make complimentary food bowls with the same design wrought iron. These beds are once again indestructible to even the most damaging puppy, but the cushions that come with the beds maybe vulnerable. Separate chew proof cushions are available online that you could replace the original cushion.
There is a large choice of designs available with some being quite plain and low backs, to others featuring ornate designs and high backs.

Where to find a reasonable wrought iron dog bed

Without doubt some of these beds would grace even the homes of royalty, but come with the price tag to match. The best way to find something suitable is by browsing the internet, where you'll find beds starting from about $70 for the smaller plain beds to many thousands of dollars.

What things should you ask for?

Some web sites offer the full price range and really are something for everyone, but there are a few things to check first.

  • Can you have a choice of the fabric design?
  • Is the fabric chew proof?
  • Are the covers and cushions machine washable?
  • Can you have any input into the wrought iron design for a custom made look?
  • How long is delivery? Some retailers buy in the beds as they get the orders from customers.

Wrought iron dog beds (and cats will be happy with them too) are the best type of pet beds you can buy, and with a little care when placing your order, they'll grace any home.

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