End of Trip

Jackson, Wyoming or some call it Jackson Hole, is a seasonal tourist destination. In the summer there is the hiking, horse back riding and rafting or canoeing. In the winter it is a mecca for skiers.

We found a motel on the north end of town just before entering the town proper. It was clean and reasonable but most of all quiet. We seem to always ask the front desk people where are the best places to eat as we did here. The place she directed us to was on the main street in town and had a pool room and sport bar upstairs and the dining area down stairs.

We look forward to a good meal and good service, unfortunately we got neither and paid dearly for it. Some times it is best to look for yourself.

The one thing that stuck out to me was the entrance to the park. At each corner there was an archway made from antlers. Either someone had shot a lot of animals or they had been collected by many and given to the artist. Since we didn't want to tour the city we moved on.

We traveled south through Pinedale and down to Farson. In Farson we thought we would stop for a bite to eat. The town consists of maybe 6 buildings one of which is a small café on the main road through town.

Outside the café were many vehicles which usually indicates where the locals each and you can usually find a good meal. The place was full, seems an elderly woman was celebrating a birthday. We felt right at home. We ordered what we thought would be a simple Hamburger and fries, what we got was anything but. The hamburger was huge, the fries and onion rings were delicious and it was almost too much to eat. The service, despite being very busy , was excellent.

We struck up a conversation with two farmers sitting near by and they gave us the information about the town and the surroundings. just north of the town we had passed an industrial complex and found out it was a gas and oil production supply service. We learned the local fields were filled with alpha and cattle. 

We mentioned we had been to Yellowstone and wondered where all the animals were. One man told us that the reintroduction of wolves was the cause for fewer animals and that not only the park but the local ranchers were having losses as well. So much for trying to balance nature.

On the advice of the farmers we headed to Lander Wyoming. On the way we passed this incredible view of an Elk reserve.

Elk ReserveCredit: dmackey

We were told that Wyoming had the largest sand dunes in North America. Visable from miles away.

Sane dunesCredit: dmackey dunesCredit: dmackey

In Landers A young lady at the ice cream store advised us to check out the Sink National Park.

sink openingCredit: dmackey

Where water rushes down the moutain into the cave like opening. sometimes the water obscures the openiong. Then it reappears further down the mountain at what is known as the rise.Water trickles out of the ground and forms a pool. when the water is low there is a sand bar visiable. You can stand on overview and drop food to the Many large trout below.

The riseCredit: dmackey

Fishing is not permited from the viewing platform. Fishing is allowed along the road but only on the east side of the road. i hear that it is very good fishing.


Not only are fishing allowed they have a season for antelope as well. We must have seen over a thousand along the roads in our travels.

antelopeCredit: dmackey

From Landrs we went to Riverton and spent the night. The next day almost turned to disaster. We were told that the hot springs in Thermopolis were a must see and do. so off we went and found the hot springs, paid admission and spent a good two hours basking in the soothing waters. We also spent time sunnung on lounges around the pool. When I arrived back at the hotel I looked like an oversized lobster with a mild sunburn from the waist up.


dunes and hillsCredit: dmackey


From Riverton we headed south again to on the back road 135. turns out it is a good road and cuts off some miles as well as getting some great views.

We decided we would spend the day driving and we went through Rawlins and on down or over the mountains to Steamboat Springs. while it is a beautiful area hotel accomadations were scarce so we moved on. The mountain trip offered views that take your breath away.


Are Next stop was Avon Colorado.  Just off of interstate I70 we found a room for the night and rested from the long drive. The next morning we got off the big highway and took 24 to leadville. We had been here before as a friend has an Aframe near twins lakes. We were amazed by the changes and barely recognized the area.

Our next stop was Cripple Creek. We saw the big new casino and also the mining operation around Cripple creek. It was good to see that once the land had been mined it was being reclaimed by nature to prevent erosion.

Our next stop was Manato Springs, a tourist haven if there ever was one. The streets were packed with people and traffic was tied up by people trying to find free parking. We saw many cars with a little white ticket under the windshield wiper.  we found a motel between Manato Springs and Colorado Springs. after we checked in we headed back through town to reach the station for the Pikes Peak Railroad. We managed to secure tickets for the 2:30 Pm ride.

We had made the trip 25n years earlier but forgotten how wonderous it is.

Pikes peak rrCredit: dmackey

Once at the top I also remembered how cold it was.

top of the peakCredit: dmackey

And how far down it was.


It takes 4 and one half hours to make the trip up and back. The story of the building of the tram and the naming of the peak are related by a guide. You may catch a glimpse of a deer or Elk along the way and near the top Marmots scurry among the rocks.


Our trip is about to end but before we leave Colorado springs we have to make a stop at the Garden of the Gods.

gog3Credit: dmackeyGOGCredit: dmackey

From the Garden of the Gods to the heat of Kansas we drove the last 600 miles going from a mild 50 degrees to a scorching 104. Oh how I live the north in the summer.