X-Men: Legacy 246 New Mutants


Hi Fellow X-Men Fans,


This post is my review of X-Men Legacy issue 246. In this installment of the “Age of X” storyline, many of the “New Mutants” in the regular 616 reality, took center stage. The character of Legacy/Reaper (B.K.A. Rogue in reality 616) is on the run from Magneto and he has sent his bloodhounds to track her down.


Each of them has a redesign for this reality, some more radical than others.

  • Eclipse’s (B.K.A. as Sunspot in reality 616) power-manifestation is now a purple-ish black, instead of a yellowy/orange black. Aside from this change, I’m not entirely convinced that this is Roberto DaCosta. I may be wrong but I think this might be another character entirely. As far as this story is concerned, he definitely takes the place of team hothead.

  • Moonstar’s redesign looks great. I always like it when she utilizes a bow & arrow but it does seem ridiculous for her to sport these kinds of weapons when the team frequently battles robots and vehicles that are at least 40 feet tall.

  • Why is poor Karma still missing a leg? I think it’s unfortunate that no matter which reality she is in, she will still be an amputee. The upside to this is that she looks sexy with her sleek silver jumpsuit to match her metal appendage.

  • Is it just me, or is Magma’s redesign for this reality kinda poor? It seems as if someone attempted to make her character reminiscent of Sunfire's design, from Age of Apocalypse (which looks awesome) with the ability to fly and no volcanic eruptions. The problem with this is that the design isn’t as good and she is called “Magma” for a reason. I would much rather her powers be like her 616 counterpart.

  • Dust’s new look reminds me of a desert bandit, which works great for her character. I also love the idea of her being a member of this line-up of “New Mutants” but I can’t quite put my finger on my reason why.

  • Even though each of his teammates have a creepy stillness to their persona, Warlock takes the cake. In this reality, Cypher and Warlock seem to be merged together just like Douglock in reality 616 but this is not the lighthearted techno-organic companion. He is perhaps the biggest asset to his group, if not for his ability to speak to machinery, then definitely for his techno-organic powers.

I will admit, I do find it interesting that Legacy is the main-character in this storyline and not Wolverine. There are very few times I can remember where Wolverine, the X-Men’s most iconic character, is sidelined, and put into a nonviolent role. I can’t wait for the explanation behind this “cure” that was administered to him and how he has come to lack all of his aggression.

Currently there is very little explained about the relationship between Magneto, Xavier and Legacy. Hopefully as the story unfolds, readers will come to love this arc as much as “Age of Apocalypse” or/and “Onslaught.”