Stun guns like the X26 taser are increasingly being accepted by law enforcement professionals and security experts for their ability to defuse violent situations with relative safety, their reliability in the field and their economical operation profiles. The X26 Taser gun is the descendant of the M26 stun gun, which is widely used by police officers and miltary personnel all over the country. Capable of completely incapacitating a target by delivering "shaped pulses" through any part of the body, the X26 taser gun sends a powerful bolt of electricity through the target's central nervous system. This completely removes the target's ability to act, making the apprehension of aggressive and intoxicated suspects safer for p0lice officers and the public. 

X26 Taser Stun Gun

X26 Taser Specifications and Pricing

The X26 taser is designed to counteract electrical charge loss that occurs with traditional stun guns that have to expend much of their energy in getting the projectile probes attached to the victim and sending the charge through their clothing.

This "blunt charge", delivered by the previous generation of taser weapons is less effective than the X26's "shaped pulse" which only expends a fraction of the weapon's charge in attaching the probes and creating a connection between the taser and the target. 

The remainder of the taser's electrical pulse is sent directly to the target, resulting in a devastating but safe shutdown of the target's ability to respond. Most victims of the X26 taser drop to the ground immediately in a daze, allowing police officers to quickly and safely apprehend them. 


Police departments, security personnel and individuals interested in owning this advanced stun gun should know that the best X26 taser deals usually run about $899 per unit. Many X26 taser operators prefer to keep a number of official X26 taser accessories on hand, such as replacement catridges that carry the projectile probes or X26 holsters.Blackhawk serpa X26 taser holster

The replacement cartridges can be switched in an out of the stun gun within 2 seconds, allowing for rapid re-delopyment of powerful non-lethal shocks against a second or even third target. These cartridges allow the gun's operator to effectively engage more than one target simultaneously.

Replacement cartridges cost about $64 per unit, and multiples cartridges should be kept on hand in order to ensure all officers are able to employ their non-lethal countermeasures effectively. In the heat of a confrontation, it's best to have all the supplies and back-ups on-hand where they can help the officer to defuse the situation non-lethally.

X26 taser holsters are usually made from molded plastic and created for comfortable all-day carry of the stun gun. Hip holsters for the taser X26 models are usually $25-40 each, and velcro ankle holsters are also available for as little as $22 each. 

Although the X26 taser guns can fire 50 times in succession before their battery cartridges need to be replaced, you can purchase additional lithium based battery cartridges to carry on your person or in your vehicle. Back-up battery packs for this model of stun gun will usually cost $45 per unit.