Let's start with the most important thing - the games.

Of course the stats on the graphics and CPU and RAM are important, but let's face it, they arn't the real reason you're going to buy a console. The real reason is the awesome games that you can play. It doesnt matter that much if the console has great specs if the games are purely pedestrian, even if they look pretty. An example is the genius Bushido Blade, for the original Playstation. Whenever I have friends round, it's the one game that always gets an outing. Why? Because, even though the graphics are hugely dated, the gameplay is just so much fun.  There is no other game, except for perhaps Battletoads, that has us all rolling around in stitches, including the tolerant but usually bored spectators.

So let's begin with the games. Now of course this is a little subjective, as our gaming tastes differ enormously. But we can I think still agree on 'good games' even if the genre isn't our favourite.

PS4 and XBOX One Hot Games

Assassins Creed 4 - Black Flag

This really is a little belter of a game, with the extra dimension of sea faring combat, which is a wonderful mixture of ease of play, with tactical thinking. Even better, the developers have found a way of seamlessly intertwining ship combat with personal combat. As a result, I spend as much time as possible out on the ocean, singing sea shanties (which are brilliant) and taking down Man O' Wars. 

But, here's the thing. Assassins Creed 4 was also available on the previous generation too. So as great as it is, its not the killer game to push you to buy a PS4, in the same way that Halo was for the original XBOX. The graphics are much prettier of course - but the gameplay is the same. 

Now - this game is out for both PS4 and the XBOX. The only difference that I can see is the way close up textures are rendered on the XBOX , which are superior to the PS4 and the way that distand objects are rendered on the PS4, which are superior to the XBOX.  Does it make any difference? Not really.

Battlefield 4
Ok,  this is of course out for XBOX and PS4 as well. It's another masterful game and one of my absolute favourites (sorry COD). Battlefield 4 is an all encompassing first person shooter. The difference between this and Call of Duty, is that BF4, allows you to drive jeeps, fly helicopters, storm strongholds with tanks, but nost importantly it fosters a real multiplayer team engagement unlike anything i've played before.  Now, in the final analysis - the specs on framerate and resolution point to the PS4 as being the better console to play it on.  But here's the thing. If you are an XBOX owner, the game still works fantastically well and the slippage on the stats isnt going to effect you one little bit. Except possibly to get the occasional pop from the PS4 fanboys in the forums. They really are so close in performance that it doesnt really matter that much. Also, this game was available on the previous gen consoles. Heaven only knows how they managed that, as although the graphics are clearly not as pretty, its still a really strong offering on the PS3 and XBOX 360.  So, if you are bothered about the resolution differences, go for the PS4 here. Although in reality, its not going to be something that you are going to notice.

Killzone Shadowfall

This is a PS4 exclusive. And its really really good. The main difference from the old Killzone, isnt necessarily in the graphics. Although they are amazing and the colours vibrant. The real difference is in the gameplay. Killzone is now far more about being a tactical shooter. And the change is one for the better. If you are into tactical shooters and want something slightly less 'today' than either BF4 or COD then go for this, you wont be disappointed. I would suggest this is one of the main differentiators between the XBOX and the PS4. 

Ryse: Son of Rome
An XBOX exclusive game! But is it any good? Hmmm. Well the hero of the game, Marius Titus is all about lopping the limbs off everyone he can find, in the wonderful setting of ancient Rome. After finding his family all horribly murdered, Marius decides to take the fight to just about everyone he can lay his hands on. Limbs and gore are liberally scattered about as Marius vents his spleen, but to be honest, there is not a lot else to see here. So really it depends what you like. It's very much a hack and slash on graphical steriods. So if you like that kind of thing, this game is for you! On the other hand, if you want a bit of depth to your games. You might find this just a little bit lacking. Plus, im franky astounded that after 30 mins of gameplay, that there was anyone left on the planet to dismember. Now I'm incredibly old, so old in fact that I remember when Hungry Horace was considered the pinnacle of the gaming world. So, its possible that I do now search for a bit more than just endless hacking and slashing. Given that, for me this isnt really the reason to get an XBOX One. 

All in all

Game wise - there isn't that much to choose between the PS4 and the XBOX One. There arn't that many killer exlusives and certainly none of them are in the Halo catagory of 'must have'. On balance though, I'd have to give the PS4 the edge. It's cheaper and provides you with the option of upgrading to a camera - rather than forcing it on you at a cost. Also, history has shown that Sony produces top notch hardware. In contrast Microsoft has shown that its hardware can leave a lot to be desired in terms of reliability (I'm currently on my 3rd XBOX 360 and still my 1st PS3).  Good luck in your choice and see you online!