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The price is the main advantage to the XBox 360 Arcade console. It can normally be picked up for $250.00 or less.

It is usable with all 360 memory cards and hard drives. It is a fantastic replacement to a console that is out of warranty simply put your old hard drive on it and you are ready to go. It is not a "cheap" version of the normal console it is the same at the more expensive version.

It makes a great spare for a bedroom or playroom. If you don't want to tie up the television or have the noise from the game in the main room for some reason the kids can be sent off to the other XBox until it's ok to use the main one again.


The only real con to this console versus the others is the lack of memory. The included memory card will quickly get filled up with downloads and saves. Buying additional memory cards can be an expense that can be avoided by simply buying a console with a hard drive.

The main con for the XBox consoles in general is that they do break on occasion. I have 3 of them because the first 2 ended up with various problems. The 20gb XBox 360 console ended up having a hard time reading the disks, the XBox 360 elite needed repair which is how I ended up with an arcade console.

Full Review

The Xbox 360 Console is a low priced alternative for an Xbox gaming experience. The package contains the cords to connect it, a memory card, and a free XBox Live Silver membership.

It is the same white console that you get when you pay the higher price it just doesn't have a hard drive. This is a good choice for younger children that aren't quite ready for a more expensive game system.

All the live games and add-ons can be downloaded and played on it assuming that there is enough memory for the game to save. Hard drives that are already owned can be attached to it to increase memory.

In Closing

The XBox 360 Arcade Console is a great starter or replacement console. There were a few quality issues with the consoles in general but I haven't had one break in quite some time so those issues may have been corrected.