Want A Bigger Comforter For Your King Size Bed?

XL King Size comforters are longer and wider than standard king bedding, and come in alternative down, too!

Do you have an extra deep king size mattress, or just want a down alternative comforter that is longer and wider than a standard king? An XL king size alternative down comforter might be the perfect solution for your bedroom. They're longer and wider by several inches on each side, and come in a wide variety of colors and designs.

Why Alternative Down instead of Real Goose Down?

Plenty of reasons, actually. They're easier to take care of, they won't cause allergies, down feathers won't poke through the fabric - and perhaps most notably, they're cheaper. Alternative down usually costs a mere fraction of real down, and you can save even more money by buying online at places like Amazon.

Plus, the "gap" between alternative down and the real feather down is getting smaller and smaller. Back in the day the two were easily discernible, and the alternative variety was pretty much inferior in every way. Not any more. These days it's virtually impossible to tell the difference; unless you take into consideration the impossibility that goose feather quills will poke you while you sleep.

They Breathe Easily

When it comes to staying warm and cozy, you can't beat the qualities of alternative down. They'll keep you snuggly all night long, but they breathe very well. You know how some heavy comforters make you feel like you're sleeping under vacuum wrap? You won't get that feeling with a down alternative comforter.

They Are Machine Washable

Most down alternative comforters are machine washable, so you won't have to pay the extra money for dry cleaning. But keep in mind that you'll need a pretty big washing machine to accomplish this. If you've tried to wash any king size or XL king size bedding, you'll know what I mean. And when you factor in the density of the alternative down, this is even more important. King size sheets, pillowcases, mattress pads and shams don't take up nearly as much "space" in the washer or dryer.

What Exactly Is "XL King Size?"

Just like it sounds, actually. It's a slightly larger than a standard king size comforter, but not quite as big as a "California King." The difference is several extra inches in length, and sometimes a few extra from side to side. An XL or "Extra Long King Size" down comforter is technically made for extra long king size mattresses, which are a few extra inches longer than standard king size ones anyway.

But some people actually prefer an XL King alternative down comforter even if they have a standard king mattress. It's just a matter of personal preference.

And if extra long isn't long enough, you can even buy an extra-extra-long, an XXL king.

How Much Do XL King Size Down Alternative Comforters Cost?

That depends on what you're wanting, in terms of features (such as thread counts, thicknesses, and other such things). On the high end, name brand designer comforters can run several hundred dollars or more; on the low side, you can find them for about $100 at most home stores or department stores, or even cheaper online.

It's well worth your time to shop around before making your final purchase. Many people make the mistake of thinking one of those designer comforters that you'll see in a fancy home decor magazine is only available at a very high price point; but that's not always true. You can find some great bedding items at super low prices, just keep your eyes open and don't be in a hurry to hand over your hard-earned money.

Shop smart and you can buy an XL King Size Down Alternative Comforter at a price low enough to make Martha Stewart jealous.