Last summer, my wife purchased a Chevy Silverado. This was a fantastic truck in so many ways. I loved the way it handled because it practically drove itself. It also pulled my boat effortlessly.

The first trip I took with the truck, I noticed that the truck came equipped with XM Satellite Radio. I became curious and signed up for the three month trial period. I must tell you here that I had no idea what to expect. After we signed up, I began surfing the channels and was amazed.

The first thing that I could not believe was that they had a channel called the boneyard. This channel had all of the songs that I listened to back in the '80s. I was what is called a "metalhead." What impressed me was that they had all of my high school favorite bands such as Metallica, Judas Priest, and Iron Maiden. They also played lots of deep cuts. That means that they played more than each band's top selling songs. I was loving it. My favorite music had never come out of a radMatio before. I have always had to have a huge collection of CD's in order to listen to my music. Now it was played right on the radio.

What really made me happy was that I was still listening to the same station 200 miles later. That is how the satellite radio works.

After a couple of hours my wife grew tired of heavy metal guitars and wanted to listen to something else. So we began to channel surf. The first thing we found was the decade stations;

  • the 40's on 4
  • the 50's on 5
  • the 60's on 6
  • the 80's on 8
  • the 90's on 9

We decided to listen to the 80's station. The first thing I heard was Martha Quinn. She was one of the original VJ's on MTV back in the 1980's. I had such a crush on her back then.

Then as we drove further north, we began listening to country music. There are several country music stations with names like Willie's Place, Bluegrass Junction and Outlaw Country. She loves country music and had a great time channel surfing around and looking for her favorite country music.

I haven't even sampled any of the sports channels or the talk radio stations. There is CNN, MSNBC, and the Fox News Channel.

There were so many stations that I just could not decide which one to listen to. What impressed me was the number of 80's theme stations. Satellite radio is one of those things that I wonder how I ever got along without. Kind of like cell phones! I am glad that she bought this truck I will never again have a vehicle without XM satellite radio.