XXXL motorcycle helmets can be hard to come across; however, safety and comfort are key factors when choosing your motorcycle riding protection. You can basically find any small, medium, or large helmets in any motorcycle store around the world; finding a triple XL model can be a little bit more difficult.

These are not the only motorcycle helmets that can be found in the XXXL size, but they are definitely the most stylish. Let’s face it, riding a motorcycle is about looking good while wearing the proper protective gear; these helmets will fit people with big heads while keeping them protected from an unfortunate fall.

HJC Has A XXXL Modular Helmets-The CL Max II

Shopping for a really large helmet can be rather difficult because many companies improperly label their motorcycle helmets with the XXXL size. For instance, buying pairs of jeans will allow you to see that you may fit into a size 32 waist from one brand and a size 36 waist from others! Motorcycle helmets, jackets, and boots work in the same way; you must actually try the protective gear on in order to see if it fits you.

In the case of the HJC CL Mac II, I can tell you that it is labelled accurately because I have tried it on. I fit into extra large motorcycle helmets, and this specific HJC model is WAY too big for my head! With that being said, this is not one of the most stylish helmets to wear on a motorcycle, but it is also not one of the worst looking ones! At the end of the day, this motorcycle helmet will fit people with big heads, and will look half decent!

GLX Tribal Full Face Motorcycle Helmet (Silver / Black, XXX-Large)
Amazon Price: $119.95 $60.94 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 22, 2013)

Skull Caps Look The Best In Triple XL Sizes

Full-face and modular motorcycle helmets are available in triple extra large sizes; however, they do not look great! The most important factor when it comes to motorcycle protective gear (such as helmets, boots, jackets, and gloves) is that they keep you safe in the unfortunate event of a fall. However, the majority of the companies know that stylish motorcycle gear sells much better than the bad-looking pieces!

Skull caps are the best looking XXXL motorcycle helmets that you can buy! They are stylish because they allow the focus to be placed on your face rather than the helmet. Many people with big heads are insecure about their extra large motorcycle helmets; they do not want people to look at them while they are on their motorcycle and notice that the helmet is larger than usual. Wearing a skull cap will keep your head safe, and take the focus off of the helmet!

Be sure to check out the many skull caps on Amazon being sold at crazy low prices...Skull caps are great motorcycle helmets, and some are being discounted at up to 60% off of their original price!

The Majority Of The XXXL Sized Helmets Are Open Faced

People that need triple extra large helmets usually have heads that are larger than usual in every aspect. This means that their heads are usually wider, longer, and taller. With that being said, it may be relatively hard for someone with a large head to get it to properly fit into a motorcycle helmet, regardless of the size! In order to be protected by the motorcycle helmet that you are wearing, it must fit snugly around your head.

The main reason that the majority of XXXL motorcycle helmets are made to be open-faced is because it eliminates one aspect of the rider’s head. All that the rider must worry about is the dept and width of their head; having an extra long head will still allow it to fit snugly into an open-faced helmet!

Don’t Count On Having A Huge Selection

Let’s face it, having a size 42 waist limits your selection of jeans, so you should not count on having a large selection of 3XL helmets. When it comes down to motorcycle safety, the helmet is only as important as the protective jacket, gloves, and boots that you wear!

I would never sacrifice a motorcycle helmet being DOT approved for a larger selection. There are some companies that sell non-DOT approved helmets to wear; you may find a larger selection of motorcycle gear, but it will not necessarily protect you 100% in the event of you falling off of your motorbike! Most countries actually require their riders to wear DOT approved helmets; the non-DOT approved ones should only be used on private property if you want to avoid a hefty traffic ticket!

The primary concern when it comes to motorcycle gear like helmets, jackets, and gloves is that they protect you in the unfortunate event of a fall! However, the majority of people also want to look “cool” when riding their motorcycle, so it is also important for the protective gear to be stylish! This article describes some of the most popular XXXL motorcycle helmets that can be purchased; buy one of these, and you will be protected while looking great!

GLX Silver Stria Motorcycle Half Helmet (XXX-Large)
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(price as of Oct 22, 2013)