Review of the X Factor Results show, as it happened.

The X Factor results show kicked off on Sunday 13th December 2009 at 7.30pm on ITV.

The X Factor judges

After the judges made their usual, dramatic entrance host Dermot O'Leary introduced the final 12 finalists, who were back together again to perform, Never Forget Where You're Coming from.


With baby photos of each of the 12 behind them they performed well. Jedward received the noisiest reception from the studio audience.

Reminders of both Olly's and Joe's Saturday night performances followed. Each clip also showed the positive comments that they received from the judges. Voting lines had stayed open since last night's show and prompts regularly appeared to remind the viewers at home to cast their votes.

On to the show then.

As X Factor is shown on commercial televsion it is plagued with breaks and adverts. The first break over, Dermot introduced Olly Murs singing what was his favourite song from this year's contest.

What song did he choose? Twist and Shout. With accompanying dancers this song allowed Olly to showcase his personality, voice and moves. His fun performance received good reviews from the judges and the audience obviously enjoyed it. Simon's aside comments received a slight backlash from Cheryl. Live pictures from Olly's home town showed Olly mania.

Joe was up next but of course there was a commercial break first. Joe choose ,Don't Stop Believing. The judges seemed to be hinting that Joe would win but of course it depended on Joe public voting at home. The crowds in Joe's home town South Shields went absolutely wild.

After the next commercial break

Alexandra BurkeJLS

After the next cmmnercial break a stunning performance by last year's winner, Alexandra Burke, and the runners up, JLS. They performed Alexandra's hit single Bad Boys and the JLS hit Put Your Hands Up.

Leona Lewis

Next up we had X Factor 2006 winner Leona Lewis showcasing her talents. With a backdrop of X Factor images Leona shone as always.

Olly Murs

Voting lines remained open and both Olly Murs and Joe McElderry performed what will be the winner's single. Olly gave all that he could. He amazed himself I guess. It was not a perfect song for Olly but he rose to the challenge. Reminders from his X Factor auditions followed with good luck messages. Robbie Williams' message moved Olly to tears. What about Joe's performance?

Joe McElderry

Another Mountain was a perfect song for Joe. Who performed the best? It was a hard one to call. It was anybody's guess who would win. Good luck messages, audition reminders, replays of Saturday's and Sunday's performances and a warning that the voting lines would close soon, followed.

Geroge Michael on X Factor

Finally, a great peformance by George Michael. George sang his Christmas song, I Dream Of Christmas, which will no doubt be a hit.

Paul McCartney

Did we get the results next? No of course not. Voting still ongoing and one last performance byPaul McCartney. With a backing band Paul performed Drive My Car. They were joined on stage by all 12 X Factor finalists but of course it was Olly and Joe who were showcased. Paul and the band did a glitxy version of Live and Let Die and finally...............


Whoever wins X Factor 2009 is guaranteed publicity and a great career. Having said that last year's runners up JLS have had a successful year, since their X Factor experience. Finally, the voting lines closed.

So who won, for Gawd's sake, I hear you ask?

After sufficient tension, and one final commercial break, the winner was revealed. With their judge, come mentors, in tow the two finalists hit the stage.

The winner of X Factor 2009 is Joe McElderry. Yeah.

I loved both of them but I am so pleased for young Joe. He will be a perfect pop star. Well done JOE.

The show closed with Joe performing his winner's single Another Mountain which is almost a guaranteed number one in the UK at Christmas.

Joe with Cheryl