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Some great acts

The auditions can be fun


It is all about the judges, in particular Simon Cowell.

Full Review

I had better start this article with a little background information.

The X Factor is a type of singing competition held annually in the UK. It is a little like American Idol, and similar shows, except supposedly X Factor has a twist. This show does not simply aim to find the best new singing talent but an act that has the whole package. That certain extra something, the X Factor.

The show has preliminary auditions and then the acts are broken down into four categories each of which has a mentor who doubles up as a judge on the show. This year the categories and their respective mentors are:-

The over 25 year olds and Simon Cowell

Boys aged under 25 and Cheryl Cole

Girls aged under 25 and Danni Minogue

The groups and Louis Walsh.

The categories and mentors are usually the same each year but each year who gets what category, is only decided at the last minute by the show's producers. With live shows each weekend the final 12 acts are whittled down, via the public vote, until one act remains triumphant and is crowned that particular year's X Factor winner. The winner is guaranteed a recording contract and previous winners, such as Leona Lewis, have used the opportunities, which X Factor has given them, wisely.

The competition as at 23rd November 2009

The competition this year has been a mixed bag. The audition process has been altered and we have seen the last group standing survive whilst better singers have gone home.

Irish twins John and Edward Grimes have become famous during their X Factor time but for many of the wrong reasons. With their mentor, Louis Walsh, constantly stating that these guys have the whole package and that kids love them it would seem that singing has been forgotten.

Good singers have been sent home whilst Jedward as they have become known have gone from strength to strength. If the press are to be believed these lads are guaranteed a million dollar contract no matter what happens in the competition. With advertising and more, it would seem that success is going to be handed to them on a plate.

Finally, on the 22nd November Jedward were belatedly given their marching orders. They have improved over the weeks and it is funny that, just when they seem a little better, they are going home.

With talk of manipulation of the public by Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh, X Factor has been strange this year. Firstly, Simon tells the world that if John and Edward go through, and win the competition, he will leave England, and then Simon starts to admire them. He saves them from being eliminated and sends a great performer home. Rumour has it that Simon and Louis have loved Jedward from the start and planned for them to be massive hits, all along.

In Closing

When Jedward were finally eliminated from the competition Danni Minogue could have chosen to be vindictive and sent Simon's act Ollie Murs home. She made a point of asking whether or not X Factor was a singing competition. This is because as I have already said, when Simon could have sent Jedward home two weeks ago, he saved them and sent a great singer, Lucie Jones, home. As Lucie was one of Danni's acts, it would have been poetic justice in many ways if she had eliminated Ollie.

However, Danni Minogue has proved that she is one dignified and honourable woman throughout this competition and she did the right thing.

Now that Jedward have left the competition, I think that Simon Cowell, and the producers, need to sit down and decide what direction they want this show to take. It has been taken to the realms of stupidity this year. If they want novelty acts such as Jedward why not devise a new talent show. If they are truly looking for fabulous singers with the X Factor, they should not be putting through acts such as Jedward.