Do you own a larger dog and can’t seem to find the best outdoor dog bed that work well inside your home as well? X large dogs need a much larger bed than most dogs do and shouldn’t be treated like an outsider of your family. Why not get your pup one of the best X large dog beds that can be used outside? Does your dog deserve something better than the floor? How about the flexibility to sleep anywhere in the house, out on the patio, or in the garage without getting hair everywhere and allowing for your pup to be comfortable? It’s about time your dog had a place of his own when sleeping.

You’ll search and search for the best outdoor dog beds for your dog, but let me help you decide by reviewing one of the best X large dog beds on the market today; one that people have bought and find to be perfect for their pets. Whether you have an X large dog, or you have a couple smaller dogs, these outdoor dog beds will give you the peace of mind that your dog isn’t sleeping on the floor, grass, or on the cement in the garage.

X large dog beds

Raised Outdoor Dog Bed by Kakadu Pet

“The Pet Cot is ideal for home and at the same time fit for outdoor trips with your canine friends. It's an elevated pet bed that protects from uncomfortable cold, hot, damp and uneven surfaces. The spring locks on each leg of this durable bed allow assembly and disassembly in seconds without need for tools. The removable cover is made from heavy-duty polyester, which is water and UV-resistant and very easy to clean. The bed's frame is constructed from powder-coated and rust-resistant steel. It also has Velcro along the sides that allow the bed to be stretched or relaxed for customized tension. The Pet Cot is particularly helpful for geriatric canines and dogs with orthopedic needs. Removable cover is machine washable for easy cleaning. Measuring 48"x 36"x 9" for dogs weighing up to 200lbs.”

This outdoor dog bed is beautiful and contains support for any dog up to 200 lbs. I remember going on camping trips with my family and bringing along our big Labrador Retriever. He weighed about 150 lbs to say the least. At night, either he would sleep in the camper with us, and shed all over the blankets, or he would be sleeping on the cold ground at night. We didn’t like either option, but my parents never saw fit to buy him a raised dog bed for comfort and warmth. If we had this bed, he would be raised above the ground and sound asleep all night long. What a great present that would have been for our Lab.

Just take a look at one of the many reviews by somebody who has already purchased this product for their pet:

“I purchased this for my 112 pound Dogo Argentino for Christmas. This bed is wonderful! She took to it right away. She is either sleeping on it or out running in the yard. I do agree with the previous reviewer that putting the last two pieces together was difficult. I didn't think it was going to fit either, but it does. You need some strength to pull it together. My favorite thing about this bed versus other beds is that the cover is removable and washable. I also like the fact that it has velcro so that as the bed gets looser you can tighten it. I also splurged and purchased the topper for it which offers fleece on one side and the regular canvas on the other. At first I didn't purchase the topper because I figured we would just throw some blankets on top in the winter. Well, the blankets would slip and slide around on the canvas and my dog would then slip and slide and then the blankets would end up being in a big bunch. I noticed that the bed topper they sell has straps that kept it from doing that and that the topper is also washable. My dog loves, loves, loves the fleece side of the topper. We haven't used the canvas side yet because it is winter now.
I will say this....the bed says it is for dogs up to 200 lbs and our dog is 112 lbs and the metal poles on the longest sides of the bed do bend inward a bit due to her weight. I realize the size large bed is for dogs up to 150 lbs, but our dog is very long and we needed the extra length so we bought the largest we could find. I do wonder if the bed could hold a dog 200 lbs. Luckily I don't have a dog that big!
With all that being said I totally recommend this bed!”
- Zonia

Hear that? "I totally recomment this bed!" What a statement. Are you willing to step out and get something for you pet that is comfortable and above the cold, hard ground?


The Raised Outdoor Dog Bed is currently priced at $42.99 which is a deal considering that it is listed at $77.99. If you’re interested in reading more about this amazing product for your X large dog, then visit the Kakadu Outdoor Dog Bed page on Amazon. It looks amazing, and there are photos of the assembly process as well. If you have a smaller dog, then you may want to take a look at the Crypton Molly B. Luxury Dog Bed. If you’re in the market for other dog beds that would work as an outdoor dog bed, then you can also check out the Coolaroo Elevated Dog Bed with Knitted Fabric. Waterproof Dog Beds? And if you’d like your dog on genuine luxury leather, how about the Best Leather Dog Beds Available Today? What a great way to treat your dog and your home with respect and dignity.