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Tracking the location of your vehicle anywhere in the world is possible through GPS or Global Positioning System. Aside from this, exchange of messages could also be achieved via such a one of a kind advancement maintained by the United States government. GPS vehicle tracking and messaging can be described as a dream brought into existence. Who would ever thought that there will come a time that time and locations can be tracked anywhere in the world with a truly smart system, known in the world as GPS. GPS defined as Global Positioning System?

GPS: Its Origin and Mechanism

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Global Positioning System is a modern mechanism inspired by radio-satellite navigation systems started during the World War wherein it is used to track and time properly to accurately monitor bases and maintain tight security. GPS works by a satellite-receiver system. The GPS satellites are located above the Earth at certain locations and they automatically communicate by sending signals to GPS receivers all over the worldwide.

There are said to be about four main GPS satellites maintained by the US government.

These satellites function by sending messages to receivers about the transmission time, precise orbital data as well as the present condition of the system of the satellites. The satellites are very essential as they are the reasons why exact coordinates of the locations of objects with GPS are detected and defined.

GPS: Through The Road

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Global Positioning System can be effectively used to track vehicles and create a powerful vehicle tracking system which can be very beneficial not only to ordinary people who owns cars but also, and more importantly to those requiring the continuous monitoring of a group or fleet of vehicles such as the national security or army, or even large companies.

The GPS vehicle tracking system works by combining the following: a vehicle, an electronic device which serves as the locator, and a software of course, to allow the receiver to track the location of the said vehicle. The location and data about the vehicle, specifically the coordinates can be monitored and recorded at regular intervals. A base may also be required because it is where the data on the tracked vehicle can be stored for compilation. If a base cannot be made then the data can be stored within the electronic device or the tracking unit itself placed within the vehicle. In both ways, data can be retrieved safely and efficiently.

GPS in Tracking: The Benefits

GPS vehicle tracking could be very useful in a lot of fields today most especially, you are already entering into a world of modernization where everything is almost achieved with just a click or a touch onto a gadget or electronic device. Nowadays, technological advancements make life really easy and the complicated processes truly possible. This type of vehicle tracking using GPS is not only beneficial for those ordinary people during their day to day activities. This system provides greater benefits for fleet management such as those using convoys and task forces. Simply stated, this system is of great help to any government. It ensures the performance of duty accurately and maintenance of the efficiency of the transport of goods and services being given to the people. Not only the government can greatly benefit from the GPS vehicle tracking system but also private companies like bus companies and other transport organizations as they are able to monitor the bus travel schedules and locations. As stated a while ago, even ordinary people can be of great benefit from the tracking system as the consumer vehicles can use such system for theft prevention and security maintenance wherein signals from such vehicle will be received by authorities once an impending crime is happening at such moment.

Not only can GPS monitor the location of vehicles but several applications have also been modified so that driver behavior can also be monitored. At some point, vehicle tracking devices can serve as a customer service tools which would truly aid the people during times when they are unsatisfied of the service that they receive from different modes of transportation, or if they witness any illegal activity within any vehicle.

GPS: Through the Lines of Communication

Global Positioning System can also be of great use in the field of communication particularly in messaging.  GPS messaging is also known as mid-air messaging because it is said to be where messages are found and exchanged between senders and receivers. Mid-air messaging involves a wireless system. This type of messaging is location based wherein messages are associated with the location of the sender, then those who access the location of the sender will then be able to readily receive the message.

GPS in Communication: The Benefits


This type of messaging is said to be very effective for emergency purposes. It’s as if you place an imaginary billboard containing a review about a hospital, restaurant, or any type of infrastructure and that customers are freely able to see once they get into that certain place.

This type of messaging can also be very beneficial for law enforcement as the government and its agencies can readily alert the people about rules, regulations and ordinances regarding new infrastructures, new roads, among others. This is accessible to everyone that is why transport of messaging can be very fast and because it is said to be in “mid-air”, blocks to communication can be somehow avoided.



From these uses of the Global Positioning System, you can truly say that it is one of the brightest discoveries of this generation as it makes tracking and messaging possible just through signal transmission and reception. Gone are the days when people have to actually be present in an actual location, or when people have to really witness what is happening. With just an electronic device incorporated with software, you can be able to locate anything or anyone in the world. Modernization disregards the distance as a hindrance to achieve communication. Thus, GPS vehicle tracking and messaging, as one of the greatest outputs of modernization, could lead the people, the government and primarily the countries, to take one big step to a new world of the future.