There's Gotta Be More

So you already have the Xbox 360 Slim sitting pretty underneath your television. You probably even have the latest game everyone's talking about and are playing it non-stop. But even with all that gaming treasure, you think to yourself, is this really enough? Well, let me be the first to tell you that it isn't. Accessories can really enhance gameplay so much you'd wonder how you ever lived without it. Headsets, LED lit controllers, charge kits to keep your controller energized longer, keyboards and other electronic add-ons make it easier and more enjoyable to play the games you love on your favorite console. There's such a demand for accessories that third-party business try to jump on the bandwagon and promote their offerings to the public. If you remember way back in 2005, Microsoft put the hammer down on third-party accessory companies by requiring them to pay a fee in order to sell their products. The move was two-fold: first to make money, and second to ensure quality accessories were being released. So if you're looking for Xbox 360 accessories, third-party or not, here are a few I think are good deals.

Xbox 360 Black Play & Charge Kit

If you enjoy playing with a wireless controller and tired of recharging it all the time, this is a great accessory to have. All you do is plug it in to your Xbox 360 controller, and play to your hearts content. It recharges as you're playing so no need to worry about how long the battery life will last while playing the latest Call of Duty game. It's been marked down on Amazon, and will save you more money in the long run as you won't have to replace your double A batteries as often. Less time having to buy batteries equals more money in your pocket. Reviewers from Amazon praise the long batter charge and how easy it is to use. You can see your battery level on the Xbox 360 dashboard as well, so you'll never be surprised.

tron controllerCredit: amazon

AfterGlow Controllers

Performance Designed Products offers awesome LED lit controllers for all three major game consoles. If you want to shine while playing your Xbox 360 at night, you'd be wise to pick up a few of these. They're wired controllers (Microsoft doesn't allow for third party wireless controllers), so you won't have to worry about charging. They come in a variety of different colors - red, green, blue and purple. You can turn the LED lights on, off or have them vibrating for an exciting strobe light effect while in your room. They also have an Xbox 360 Tron Controller that lights up. This is meant to be collectors item, but is also designed for optimal performance while playing. You'd use this while playing Tron: Evolution.

Ear Force X11 Headset

These are the most popular headsets for the Xbox 360 over on Amazon. Manufactured by Turtle Beach, these headsets are designed to give you the best sound, the greatest comfort and the best way to communicate with friends. The Ear Force X11s also have a built-in volume unit which gives you more control over the sound. They offer low distortion so everything comes in clear, and quality bass sounds which means a more entertaining experience. The cushioned ear cups wrap around your ears making them more comfortable than other headsets. They also have a feature that prevents you from talking too loud in the microphone - an issue that can easily happen when you can't hear yourself talk. With all the positive reviews this product has received, this may be the best headset money can buy.

Start your Own Business

These accessories and more should help make gaming a bit more easier and enjoyable. Be sure to check for other Xbox 360 deals as well because you need a console before you'll need an accessory. There's a lot of money to be made producing accessories, so be on the lookout for more products. One warning though, when searching for third-party accessories, be sure to do your research so to avoid purchasing a low-quality product from peripheral company. Browsing customer reviews and expert opinions on third-party products is a good way to see if it'll be right for you.