If you really love your Xbox 360, then it's likely you play on it a lot. And although an industrial manufactured console can last for a long time, a little phrase termed the red ring of death plagues Jasper chip and earlier consoles giving a lot of people of headaches. So if you're still holding true to the older Xbox 360 console and haven't yet moved on to the new Slim model, there are still ways you can fix your console so it'll provide you more years of entertainment. Conversely, if you plan on buying the new model and your older one has been out of commission for awhile, you may still get some value out of it if all it needs is a simple repair. Just fix it up and post it on Ebay and someone might grab it at a discounted price. If the above describes you and you're looking for Xbox 360 parts, continue reading.

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Xbox 360 Repair Kits

Repair kits typically offer the tools necessary to fix your Xbox 360 console. A good company to look up is 3RedLightFix. They offer an Xbox 360 XCLAMP Repair Kit that has raving reviews from Xbox owners all around. What you get is exact fitting hardware and all the tools required to repair your Xbox 360. You'll be able to repair both your core processors from overheating damage, and they also give you a guide to help you with the process. You receive cleaning alcohol and a heatsink compound to further aid you in fixing the console. And if you visit the website, they have videos and an ebook that'll help you with RROD as well as other common problems you see on Jasper chip and earlier consoles. They do charge you for the ebook, but they also have a 60-day money back policy if you don't feel they helped you adequately.

Replacement DVD Drive

If the DVD drive in your Xbox 360 isn't working properly, it might not be worth that much on Ebay. You'd be able to ask for a higher selling price with the console's DVD able to read discs properly. That's where a replacement DVD drive comes into play. One from Samsung and Toshiba model number TS-H943 can be found at a reasonable price and is a good option if you feel there's no chance of repairing the original drive. People love it over on Amazon so it's definitely a favorite. There are others out there, but not as popular as this one. Of course, if you wanted to repair it yourself, check out the book Xbox 360 DVD Drive Repair Guide to help you with that. You can buy it paperback or get it on the Kindle.

Xbox 360 Hard Drives

Other parts available for the Xbox 360 are hard drives. If you're into modding your Xbox 360, or just simply want a less expensive product than what Microsoft sells, there are many alternative hard drives for Xbox that should work just fine. Alternatively, there are memory units available that can hold up to 512MB of data in a small easy to carry package. Great for people who just need a little bit more space but don't feel like installing a new hard drive. They're the less expensive more convenient option.

Fix your Xbox

So if you're interested in making a profit with your old Xbox 360 or simply want it working properly for your own enjoyment, these repair kits and extra Xbox 360 parts should you with both options. Don't put a broken Xbox on Ebay or craigslist when you can fix it and get a better price from buyers.
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