If you're looking for a way to be active and enjoy video games, Xbox kinect is definitely the gaming console for you. Of the titles available, Kinect Sports is by far one of the most active and all around exciting games that has been released. One of the most impressive attributes of Kinect Sports is it's ability to use motion sensor technology at a high level. Of course, there is a slight lag in movement, but overall the movements are great and mimic all of your movements, including your hands, head and legs.

After playing Kinect Sports for over an hour, I found myself covered in sweat and needing a change ofKinect Sports clothes. If you're planning on having some friends over to play, make sure you tell them to bring over a change of some athletic clothes. It may sound silly, but this game requires some athletic gear if you're looking to master each event.

The game offers 6 different, action filled events: volleyall, soccer, track and field, table tennis, boxing and volleyball. Within the track and field event are multiple events, including the long jump, javelin, discuss toss, 100M sprint and hurdles. All of the events in Kinect Sports offer active, motion detected fun for children and adults of all ages. Let's take a closer look at each of the events.

Track and Field

If you're looking to get in a good workout, the track and field events will certainly make you sweat. Of the 5 events within the track and field event, the 100M sprint and hurdles will definitely get your heart pumping. Since you don't have the physical space to run, Kinect Sports utilizes your movements by running and jumping in place for the track and field events. For the javelin event, your motions are detected down to how hard and at what angle your arm is when you release the javelin. It's pretty amazing. The long jump requires running in place and jumping right before you cross the line into the sand. Timing is everything for the track and field events, and all the exercise gives you quite the workout.


Looking to hit the lanes without leaving the comforts of your own home? Kinect Sports has you covered. Bowling is quite possibly my favorite event, mostly because it's so simple and easy to play yet flawless in execution. And of course, there is plenty of difficulty for those looking to master the art of spin. Once you release the ball, moving your arm across your body creates spin. Quite incredibly, especially since everything is picked up by movement alone. Although it's difficult to consistently throw strikes using spin, I'm sure it can be mastered with extensive practice.


Hit the beach and prepare for some sweat. One of the greatest features of the volleyball event is simply the motion detection of each move pertaining to real volleyball. You can complete jump serves, digs and sets all by simply moving your body, as if you were at the beach. If you free up a little more space, vollebyall is a great multiplayer event. You can bump, set and spike your way to victory. As you increase the difficulty level, you'll find yourself exerting more and more energy. The hits are harder and you'll need to cover more ground. Spiking can be controlled by the force of your arm: the harder you swing your arm, the harder the ball goes. You can also block the ball and touch the ball easily over the net to catch your oppenent off guard. There are very few flaws in this event, so grab your shorts and get moving.

Table Tennis

If you're into table tennis, Kinect Sports offers a digital version that comes pretty darn close to the actual thing. You can plan doubles or singles, with singles being the most enjoyable simply because it senses your movements faster. Because there's no controller, you can swing as hard as you can and even add backspin. Depending on how hard or soft you swing your arm, your avitar will mimic your every move. Basically, it's like playing table tennis without an actual table.


Kinect Sports may have single handedly set the bar for motion sensored boxing. All of your movements are needed to keep you upright and move on to the next round. You can block punches by putting your arms up close to your head and juke by moving left and right. With an array of punches, you can slowly wear down your oppenent or go for the knockout blow. After 3 blocks in a row, your meter lights up and you can throw a power punch. Landing multiple blows in a row will knock your oppenent to the ring. You can jab, uppercut and cross punch your way to victory. If you get knocked down, all you have to do is punch the stars moving around your head. Boxing is one of the funnest events, not to mention it gets you moving!


Out of all the events, soccer is the least kinect friendly event. There is somewhat of a delay between kicking, passing and saving the ball. It's also difficult to know where the ball is going and control who you pass the ball to. However, it's still quite enjoyable, especially for soccer fans. While you don't control the movement of running and tackling, you control passing, kicking and the goalkeeping. If there could be any improvements, the overall gameplay of soccer could be smoother. Make sure you have plenty of room for soccer, unless you plan on kicking furniture.

Overall, Kinect Sports is a must have game for Xbox Kinect gamers. Not only will you enjoy the technical side of the game and the motion sensor ability, you'll also get a great workout!