I recently got the Xbox Kinect and sure its good and all, however the little cable on it is only 9 feet! I dont know about any one else by my TV is much longer away from then 9 feet away. So I started searching the internet for some extension cables for them. Of course searching on their site you will find one for like 90 bucks.

Xbox Kinect USB Extension

After seeing that kind of price I thought... well that's ridiculous. So I rummaged around my house and found an old USB 2.0 Passive 6 foot extension cable. But sadly after trying the cable it did not work.

For some reason the Xbox Kinect needs a little extra power. So I then went out and got a USB 2.0 16 foot Active Extension cable. This worked great. After plugging it in I was able to get the Kinect up and running instantly. I tried it with daisy chaining 4 of them together for a total of 64ft. Here is a video of us testing it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLOjqEKsMCA

However upon testing it with the same type of cable, but with a 33 ft. extension the Xbox Kinect would not recognize it. Which was kind of weird. I assume that the xbox requires alot more information bandwidth and if it drops below a certain threshold then it doesn't connect. Also we tested a 66ft. extension that that was just out of the question. I would like to test however, one of those USB over CAT5 units to see if that would work but that takes a little more time and well, those units are very expensive.

But if you need to extend your Xbox Kinect's USB cable, then just pick up yourselves a couple of USB 2.0 Active extension cables. They must be active though, which means that they boost the signal with an electric current to keep the signal strength high enough to work. A passive cable just makes it longer, which in this case does not work.

As for the Xbox Kinect, after playing with it for a long time, its not that bad. I know its getting alot of flak from reviewers lately but its not really as terrible as people say. It is a cool technology that needs a bit of time for it to work correctly. I think it would be amazing for a home theater for watching movies and TV, think changing the the channel or picking a movie from Netflix with a swipe of the hand. Way slick.