Hey, stop spending your cash on Microsoft!

Getting free Microsoft Points can be done online.

Let me first tell you that it is completely ridiculous the amount of money people are spending on gaming nowadays. I just got off the phone with a friend who just told me that he spent $100 on Microsoft points just so he can get the extra addons and game downloads. Are you kidding me?

Today, I want to show you guys different ways that you can get free microsoft points online by doing several things, mainly survey-taking and article-writing (both of which I have been doing since 2011). With these techniques I'm easily able to get about $50 worth of Microsoft Points every month for free. Of course you can also use the money you earn for other things like food or clothes.

What is required from you?

What exactly do you need to get Microsoft Points?

Because you are earning legitimate cash online, it's important that you have great payment processors to help receive your payments. Paypal is a great payment processor and is probably the most popular among legitimate online websites. You could get one for free, and all you have to do is attach a credit/debit card to verify your account. 

Other things to consider:

  • Although it is definitely possible to get Microsoft points when you're younger, you can earn best if you are 18 years or older. The reason being that most websites require you to be this age before you can join. Some exceptions include survey sites like Points2shop.
  • Even though this is free, it does take a bit of time to earn the cash. Some websites are easier to earn than others, and it's all dependent on you and your abilities. If you enjoy survey-taking, then by all means take that avenue and earn like crazy. But if survey taking drives you absolutely insane, take the article-writing route.
  • No matter what method you choose, the most important thing is that you follow the rules and never lie. Most websites punish the users that lie on their applications (especially if you claim you're 18 years old when you're not!), so just stay true from the beginning and choose the types of websites that you are able to join. 

First Method: Surveys

Earn Microsoft points by completing surveys

Earning microsoft points is the easiest when you complete surveys. Surveys are simple - simply fill out the form with your information/opinions and you'll be provided. It does take a bit of time and can be mind-numbing depending on the survey you're taking, but if you're a hardworker you can earn a LOT from surveys. Personally, I've been able to make $100+ a month just from taking surveys during my spare time. 

Take Surveys
Credit: I-say.com


  • Fast money. A survey typically takes anywhere from 10 minutes to 1 hour, and they reward $0.50 to upwards of $10. If you work fast enough and stay as accurate as possible, you could make $5+ an hour. 
  • Extremely easy. You don't need any experience to get money from surveys. You could just turn on the TV and fill-in bubbles while you're watching your favorite TV shows. It's that easy.


  • Very boring. If you're looking for an exciting adventure in survey taking, you're going to be quite disappointed. Taking surveys, despite the good payments, are quite boring and takes a bit of discipline to not get side-tracked.
  • A lot of disqualifications. A lot of new survey takers are a bit discouraged when they see that they were disqualified for a survey. This is very normal and it happens more often than not. Just keep on trudging through the disqualifications until you come across a survey that accepts you.
How to Get free Microsoft Points
Credit: Points2Shop.com

Best Survey Companies for Getting Microsoft Points

My top list of best survey companies

I have been taking surveys since 2011 so I know a LOT about what survey panels work. Below are the types of survey panels that I personally approve of.


Points2Shop is less a survey panel and more like a GPT site (Get-paid-to). You can earn points by completing surveys, OR you can complete offers, watch videos, play games, do simple tasks, and more. Once you reach a certain amount of points you can trade them in for Microsoft Point card codes (the lowest being 400 points, or about $4.00). 

  • PROS: A surplus of options and prizes, only need to be 13 years or older, great community, excellent customer service, great referral program if you're a referrer
  • CONS: Too many things to do that it can be overwhelming, site is a little buggy at times, payment is mediocre, physical orders (not card code orders) typically take almost 2 weeks to deliver


Opinion Outpost is my personal favorite among all the survey panels. They have one of the highest paying surveys that I have personally seen (typically between 10 to 45 points, or $1.00 and $4.50), and they pay instantly, meaning once you reach the payment threshold of 100 points you'll get your payment within a few seconds through paypal.

  • PROS: Very high paying surveys, instant Paypal payments, surveys are very fun to do
  • CONS: No community whatsoever on Opinion Outpost, 5 Survey daily limit, customer service can be better, must be 18 years or older


Ipsos I-Say is a fun survey panel very similar to Opinion Outpost. They have a lot of high paying surveys, although Opinion Outpost pays a bit more. However, unlike Opinion Outpost, when you disqualify you still get paid (5 points, or about 5 cents). There is also a lot more rewards for I-Say.com, including Amazon gift cards.

  • PROS: Good paying surveys, abundance of survey invitations, great customer service, a lot of activities to promote survey taking
  • CONS: Referral program is quite terrible, it takes almost one month to receive your Paypal payments

Tips for completing surveys

Follow these tips before you start taking surveys

  • I am just reinstating this: never lie on your surveys. Survey panels are absolutely BRUTAL to accounts that lie on their surveys. Stay true to who you are and don't make things up. For example, if you are a 25 year old male who lives in Michigan, don't say on your survey that you are a 45 year old mother of five living in California. It's very easy for survey panels to just check your profile and see if things don't match.
  • Try completing surveys during your free time. I find that a lot of people "burn out" on taking surveys because they are so engorged in the task. Instead of treating survey-taking like a full-time job, just complete a couple of surveys during your free time. This could be while you're watching TV, in the car while you're waiting for your friend, or even in the bathroom. 
  • Get connected with your survey panel's community. Depending on your survey panel, they may provide you with forums or live chats so that you can connect with other people. Take advantage of this! If there's anything more motivating to help you earn Microsoft points, it's if you see other people being successful (or even more successful) than you are. In some cases you may even receive donations to achieve your goals. For example, Points2Shop has a point giveaway systems that allows anyone that is gold rank or higher to give away points to other gold rank or higher users.

Second Method: Writing Articles for Microsoft Points

Are you a writer at heart? Earn Microsoft Points for it!

Article writing is a great method for earning Microsoft points. You can use the money you earn from writing articles to pay for your Microsoft Points, but you can definitely use the money for anything else you want. Article writing is a very fun method for those that love to write, and the best part is you can write about anything so long as it's not against any Terms and Conditions. For example, writing an article about where you can download an album illegally is never allowed.

Writing for Microsoft Points
Credit: Morguefile.com


  • Article writing is passive income. That means once you write enough articles, you'll be able to kick back and relax and watch the income pour in while you do minimal work.
  • You can make a LOT of money writing articles. There have been people on many article writing websites that have made a living writing articles from home. This is definitely something you can invest in if you want to make money for more than just Microsoft points.
  • It's just fun. Unlike taking surveys where you're forced to answer questions about a topic you may or may not like, the topics of the articles you write is completely up to you. 


  • Perfect English is necessary. If you want to make money writing, it's obvious that you're going to need good grammar and spelling skills. If you're not fluent in English or if you have horrible grammar/spelling skills, article writing may not be for you.
  • It requires a lot of investment. Think of article writing as exponential income, while survey taking as linear income. You can earn maybe half a cent for a single article on a daily basis while you can earn upwards of $4.00 for a single survey. However, if you write, say, 100 articles, you'll be earning $0.50 passively. It is not impossible to write 1000 articles - there have been many people who have written that much, including myself.
  • Article writing requires research. If you want to make the most amount of money in as little time as possible, you're going to need to do some research on the types of topics that are trending (thousands of views in a matter of days that taper off as the week goes by), evergreen (several views a day for an extended amount of time), or both. Simply writing about how your day went won't get you a lot of money.

Best Writing Websites

Best Article Sites for Getting Microsoft Points

Below is my top list of awesome article writing websites that you should join. They are all free and I have been paid by each and every one of them.


Infobarrel is a traditional article writing websites with many users paid. I am a beginner at Infobarrel so I'm still testing out the waters, but my friend is currently earning about $98 a month. The articles are also heavily moderated so you can guarantee that quality reigns supreme. If you're interested in joining Infobarrel, then click HERE.

  • PROS: Great payments, very reputable, good community, many people paid
  • CONS: Article screening process may be difficult for some


If you want fast income, Bubblews.com is definitely the website that you want to go for. They pay you about 1 cent per view, along with a few cents per social media share. There have been some issues with people not getting paid, however, so I do recommend that you trudge along this website lightly until you are sure you're getting the Paypal messages.

  • PROS: No screening system means not having to wait for your articles to be published, only 300 characters needed to submit an article (hardly more than a paragraph long), one of the highest payments of most article submission sites
  • CONS: Payment is iffy; I have been paid $100+ since I joined in March 2013, but there have been many people complaining that they do not get paid for their work, Customer service is the WORST; don't expect your emails to be responded to


In my opinion, Squidoo has to be one of the hardest websites to write for. Not only are you supposed to have quality content, but you're supposed to keep the content fresh, and if it drops below a certain ranking the article will be unpublished and it will be hard to earn anything from it. There have been users claiming to be earning $1000+ with Squidoo but they do admit that it's hard work. If you're up for the challenge, you could definitely try Squidoo.

  • PROS: Awesome user-friendly interface, great community, many activities, many tools at your disposal, great article rankings in search engines (easier rankings means more money essentially)
  • CONS: Very difficult to maintain the rankings of your articles, strict rules, continuously changing terms and conditions that may require a constant change to existing articles

Article Writing Tips

Some great tips for writing your articles

  • Try to make it a goal to write at least 1 article every day. Remember that this is passive, exponential income, so you're going to have to work hard for the first few months to see any substantial results. Try to make it a goal for yourself to write at least 1 article a day so that you can experience a continuous growth in your earnings.
  • Always, always, always correct any mistakes. I know after writing an article you're going to get tired and you're going to want to post in live without proofreading, but I urge you not to do that. Nothing can decrease an article's writing faster than several careless errors. It also makes you look highly unprofessional, which could keep viewers from reading any of your supporting articles.
  • Shoot for articles that are at least 800 words. There is strong evidence that the search engines, especially Google, favor articles that are at least 800 words or longer. If you write a skimpy 500 word article don't expect to rank at all for your topic. To give you a little idea, this article you're reading right now is about 2800 words long.
  • Follow other article writers that write about the same topic as you. One of the best ways to get traffic (remember, the more traffic you get the more money you get), is to connect with other people so you can create a loyal fanbase. It's not uncommon for writers to get loyal readers who also write on their article site. 
  • Write evergreen articles, not short-lived ones. A how-to article is an evergreen article, meaning in the next year it's going to still be relevant and useful. For example, an evergreen article would be how to make a green bellpepper omelet. On the other hand, a short-lived article or a News article is something that gets a spike of views but then deteriorates overtime. So writing an article about Justin Bieber and his latest stunt isn't going to stand against the test of time.
  • Avoid writing journal/diaries. Unless the journal or diary is USEFUL for something (a journal about P90x), stay away from writing journals and diaries. The reason is because will not care about what you have to say because it has no use to them. This is especially if your journal is something like "John Michael's Journal", because no one is going to go in Google and type "John Michael's Journal" other than the writer.

More methods for getting Microsoft Points

These are just two methods of many that can you get you free microsoft points online. Along with survey-taking and article writing, you can earn money by listening to music (slicethepie.com), completing simple tasks (mturk.com), writing on forums (postloop.com), and a LOT more. Choose whatever fits for you.

How much are Microsoft Points?

And where can you purchase Microsoft Points?

The bare minimum amount you need to buy Microsoft Points is $5.00 to buy the codes online. Other prices may be lower if you decide to cash in your earnings and use your money to buy them at a local store. Some websites like Points2Shop have Microsoft Points card already in their store that you can trade for the points you earn, so make sure you check your site to see your options. 


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The absolute best place to get your online Microsoft Points code, if your website does not provide them, is Amazon. All you need is to purchase the code with a credit/debit card. If you don't have one or if you're not comfortable using your bank card, you can register for a Paypal debit card.

Final Notes

Whatever you choose to get Microsoft Points, the most important thing is you stick it out and work hard. With time and effort you'll get your free Microsoft Points.