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Xbox live is Microsoft on line gaming portal, it is designed to be used with the xbox 360 and includes some of the best content around. Compared to the PS3 and the wii on line content Microsoft have the best around. From shooting the latest guns in gears of war to driving the fastest cars xbox live lets you do it and live it all and all for a low cost.

You start by setting up a profile or a gaming tag as Microsoft like to call it, this is your passport to the on line community, from there all you do is put a game of your choice into your console and play away to unlock all manner of possibility.

From your dashboard you can do a number of things from speaking to other Xbox live friends to downloading the latest demo straight to your console. Catch up on all the latest music using the Zune download and all the latest radio using the last fm download

Xbox live unlocks the potential of the Xbox 360 and brings gaming right to you by offering games that you can buy and download right onto your console this meaning that there is no need for a dvd. When you access your xbox live account on a pc, you can set a download list and when you next turn you xbox 360 on, that list will automatically start to download without any input from yourself

All you need to connect to xbox live is 3 things

1) Xbox 360

2) Ethernet cable / Microsoft Wireless dongle

3) An internet connection ( I suggest faster than 2 mb)

When you connect your console to xbox live and join one of their services, Gold or Silver, every time you load a game Xbox live check to see if there are any updates to the game you want to play, if it finds a game it will then ask you if you want to install that update.

Over the past 12 months Xbox live has changed and improved, they are always updating and finding new fun things that can be done with it.

Watch out for some new changes over the next 6 months, they are due to amaze and inspire you!

You can download the latest updates with Microsoft points (on line currency) that can be purchased on line.

Hope you have enjoyed this introduction to Microsoft Xbox Live.

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