A lot of forums software does not integrate embedded photos into the posts the way they should. XenForo has changed the way forums display images. XenForo is the new kid on the block company wise, but the developers and founders of the XenForo Company, were also the lead developers for the great VBulletin 3 software.

There are many ways that forums software allows you to use images on the forum software, but we will concentrate solely on XenForo and the benefits of using XenForo for a forum.

Uploading Images into XenForo

When making a thread on a XenForo forum you will have the option of embedding the image into the post as a clickable thumbnail or a full size image. If you choose the thumbnail option the readers can easily click on the image thumbnail and get the full size image.

If you choose to embed the image into the forum, you will not have to resize the image at all. If the image is larger then what is allowed by the width of the forum, the image will automatically be re-sized to fit within the forum, and it is a smooth, clean, and flawless fit.

If you click on an embedded image then the image will enlarge to a full size, as with some other forum software. The difference is the image will be centered on where they click on the image at. This is another way that XenForo saves people time from scrolling. If there is a picture of a beautiful beach, but you want to concentrate on the girl in the bikini, then you click the image where the girl in the bikini is and then the full-sized image will pop up, with the girl in the bikini centered.

XenForo Albums

XenForo does not yet have a photo album for the XenForo software, yet the way they integrate photos into the posts makes it a great way for people to run forums that are heavy on photos, such as photography based website or digital art based forums.

XenForo is fantastic forum software, and the options you have as an admin are great. The clean and smooth look of embedded photos into XenForo forum posts make XenForo a winner. XenForo doe s a lot right, and there software shows it.

A lot of forum software does not work great with photos. If as an admin you do not have the settings correct, and a visitor uploads a photo that is to large, oftentimes it will be re-sized wrong or not resized at all breaking up the fluidity and clean look of the forum. With XenForo you do not have to worry about this. XenForo is very smooth with photo uploading yet they keep it simple for their users. When you do want to click on an image to enlarge it you can enter the picture depending on where you want it centered at. This is a great feature for web forums where people post a lot of photos. Not only will photography forums benefit from this, but any style of forum where images are used heavily. If you a running a travel forum then this feature can save you a lot of extra scrolling.

XenForo is great forum software, and it keeps getting better each week.