If you are looking for a hand dryer, then the xlerator hand dryer (manufactured by Excel) is your choice! Quickly emerging as the 'new industry standard' for hand dryers, Excel dryers release of the coveted xlerator hand dryer embodies a plethora of undeniable benefits that just about anyone can benefit from. Such benefits to using this type of industrial hand dryer include:

  • Speed in Efficient Hand Drying - Where similar hand dryers may take much longer to dry a person's hands, Excel Dryers prides itself on its industry leading ability to take washed hands, to completely dry, in less than 10-15 seconds. In a world that is constantly "on-the-go", not only do people not want to wait around for very long periods of time for their hands to dry, but in professional sports stadiums that are filled to capacity, having a xlerator hand dryer can incur may great benefits such as: reducing crowding in bathrooms, and decreasing waste. Both these considerations, even when on a small scale for just each individual person, can really lead to substantial savings to owners in both the long run and short run.
  • Energy Efficiency - Whether you are the owner of a professional sports complex, a grandios resort, or a 5-star hotel, you will find that Excel's hand dryers simply put more conventional hand dryers to shame in the area of energy efficiency. With "kilojules per use" as a vital measurement of energy efficiency, Excel Dryer's xlerator hand dryer absolutely crushes every other hand washing product such as virgin towels, recycled towels, and standard hand dryers. Before even considering the negative environmental impacts of using both paper towels, as well as, more conventional hand dryers, at 76 kilojules per hour, the xlerator hand dryer's measurement is just so drastically different than the 743 kilojules per hour reading of traditional paper towels that it just simply cannot be ignored. This is representative of absolutely critical data that reflects hand dryers that are both quick and efficient.
  • Monetary Savings - Maintaining paper towel dispensers is quickly becoming a thing of the past for those who operate various facilities, sports complexes, or restaurants on a large scale. The reason why this is so is because of just how much a cost is incurred by the owners when they cling to old technology and are resistant to change. With the installation and implementation of a xlerator hand dryer, case studies (that are available on Excel's website) indicate that annual savings of thousands of dollars can be had just by using these dryers in place of paper towel dispensers.
  • Sustainability - Not only can paper towels, and the associated maintenance and upkeep of their dispensers, incur great monetary cost to facility owners, but paper towels are also notorious for leading to a tremendous amount of water pollution. Chlorine and Sulfur are among two critical compounds, that are found in wood pulp, which is used in the production and manufacturing of paper towels. Unfortunately, these compounds are very environmentally unfriendly. Beyond the direct negative implications of paper towel usage on the environment, up to seventeen trees are cut down in order to make just one ton of paper. While paper use will probably always be in existance to some degree, paper towel use, at least, is one area that can be impacted through decreaseds usage by purchasing a xlerator hand dryer instead.
  • Green Certified - As a green building rating system, the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating system is used by hundreds of private and public building projects as the gold standard for green building specifications. You will find that this rating system is used both in the United States and abroad and the xlerator hand dryer's ability to save energy by going green has earned its users the qualifications for LEED credits as they relate to both minimizing and optimizing energy performance. While all hand dryers, by their nature and design, inherently reduce the human carbon footprint by conserving trees and decreasing the negating impact on the environment, Excel's hand dryers can also save facility owners a tremendous amount of energy.

Beyond their coveted xlerator hand dryer, Excel Dryer, Inc. also offers many other alternative selections in their well researched (and ever expanding) product line. While such products can be read about on both their website, as well as, their Facebook page, these product styles are essentially organized conviently under two additional series of hand dryers: Excel Dryer's 'Cast Cover Series', and their 'Lexan Series'.