Every year, we all go nuts trying to figure out what to get our friends and loved ones for christmas. It's not always easy to come up with good Xmas present ideas when you have many people to shop for who all have different likes and dislikes, however, there are some categories of presents that can please a wide range of people.

Scented candles are a great gift that almost everyone enjoys receiving. There are tons of unique and beautiful smelling candles out there to choose from and the best part about it is that they dont cost very much. If you want something fancy, there are scented candle sets that come complete with candleholders and other related items. You can also just keep it simple with a single candle in pretty wrapping and you will still be giving a very nice gift. Scented Candles on Amazon

Potted plants are a good xmas present idea for people you know who already have a plant or two in their home. I say this because it's best to only give live plants to people you know like having plants in their home and dont mind caring for them.

MP3 players are always an appreciated gift because everyone likes music. There are lots of MP3 players that you can buy for around $20 or you can spend a little more and buy a fancier brand and model. A gift of an MP3 player works great for kids and teens and is a great xmas present idea for music lovers who do not already own one. MP3 Players on Amazon

Wrist watches are another great xmas gift idea because you dont have to worry about getting the right size and they are very affordable. People love getting watches as gifts because they are useful and can be a cute fashion accessory. You can buy cute, cheap watches for kids and teens and more expensive watches for those special adults in your life.

Handbags are a great gift idea for women. Ladies love having an array of different purses in their collection, so there's never such a thing as too many handbags for a woman. Teens and adults will appreciate receiving a stylish handbag.


Gift cards are a gift that can be given when you absolutely have no idea what a person would like. It gives them the option to pick out something for themselves, so you know they will be happy with it and appreciate you for giving them the money to buy it. You can never go wrong with giving someone money, but in some instances, it can seem a bit uninspired.


To sum it up, it's not very hard to come up with Xmas gift ideas that are general, yet thoughtful enough to please everyone. Simply try to think of things that everyone uses or appreciates and base your gift ideas around those concepts. No matter what gifts you decide to give, your friends and family will mostly appreciate the fact that you thought enough of them to buy a gift just for them. If worse comes to worse, you can always just buy everyone a gift card or better yet, give them cash in a pretty envelope with a sweet card. Either way, the holidays are a season best spent being around the people you care about and being thankful for all the things going well in your life.