I would have to say that Xomba is a great place to make money online, but it is much more than that. Xomba is a school where you can learn to write, market, advertise, make money, social network, communicate, share ideas and get information on just about anything that you want to. What Xomba is, is a website that allow you to produce content on just about any topic that you want. It also allows you to post links and website information on just about any topic as well. It allows you to post links to videos and pictures as well, provided that you have a short description included in the link.

Once you submit your information, which equates to a Xombyte or Xomblurb, your information goes online. The glory about working for Xomba is that it is free to join. There are no fees and you are free to do what you want. Once you start publishing, your information is linked and surrounded by contextual advertising. Specifically, Xomba uses Adsense to fulfill its online advertising obligations. When you sign up you are required to get an Adsense account which will allow you to generate income with Adsenes. What this means is that anytime someone visits your information online and clicks a link on your page, that you submitted your information on, you get paid. The downside to this is that you do not get paid unless someone actually clicks on a link around your material. Most people tend to just read the information and leave. However, if someone does actually read your material and click your link, you get paid and this can range anywhere from one cent to twenty dollars per click, depending on what type of ad is surrounding your information. Usually the type of information that you provide will determine how much money you are going to be getting from a click, because it is the subject of your content that determines what type of ad goes online.

Another downside is that you do not get paid on every page view, however the upside to this is that clicks that you may receive may outweigh what you would receive in performance page views anyways. Xomba also states that when you sign up with them you agree to a 50/50 profit share in relation to adsense meaning that your own personal Adsense ads will only be shown 50 percent of the time. The rest of the time, Xomba's ads are shown and they make money per click.

In conclusion of this Xomba website review, Xomba is a great place to make money. It teaches you how to market using content and the search engines and it teaches you step by step how to do this in their tutorial section. It is a great place for any beginner to learn the tricks of the trade, when it comes to online marketing.