Considering a yacht charter in NYC? There are a number of reasons why you should look into a yacht charter in New York City. Manhattan, and surrounding areas, is a great place to find cruise rentals for sailing and motored boats, yachts, and catamaran to use for a number of occasions, events, or just to relax on your next vacation. Mark any special occasion with a memorable boat rental and spend a day, a weekend, or a week on the ocean in a fantastic crewed vessel. Imagine your birthday, a fundraiser, a private party, graduation, anniversary, wedding and more - where you can see NYC in a way you’ve never seen before.

Yacht Charter in NYC for a Wedding or Anniversary

Yacht-Charter-Rental-Sailing-Boats-Catamaran(76745)If you’re planning on celebrating a wedding in New York City, you know how hard it is to find a stylish, affordable wedding hall or function space in Manhattan. Booking now for an event three years from now at some of the choice locations in NYC seems like such a pain! Instead imagine a yacht charter or rental for your small, medium, or full-sized wedding where you take your entire wedding party on a love cruise that they will remember forever. What could be more romantic for a single day event, a weekend, or even a weekend wedding that includes brunch at the end. It’s so easy for your wedding guests to just fly into JFK or LaGuardia airports and then take a car service right to your wedding at sea. 

For an anniversary, nothing says true love like some grand gesture -- that involves some planning. “Honey?? You planned all this.... ??” And think of the joy that they’ll receive knowing that it’s such a unique gift. It’s the perfect gift for a big 10 year, 20 year, or more anniversary. With the charter in NYC, it’s simple logistically too -- so it doesn’t require the same amount of planning as a cruise across the globe.

Yacht Charter in NYC for Corporate Events

If you have a Manhattan company meeting coming up, a client you want to impress, or a victory celebration for a sales, leadership, or executive team, then a yacht charter is a great idea. Show your senior talent, your best sales staff, and your other “rock-star” employees that you appreciate their contributions to the overall bottom line. Whether it’s hedge fund commodity traders, a pharmaceuticals sales team, or just the family staffers from your family business -- let them know that their important work is valued.

For clients, often the best message they can receive from you is that you care about them, understand their business needs, you want to treat them right , and you’re going to listen their perspectives. The classy impression made by yacht charters and a  relaxing time at sea has helped close many high-power deals in New York City.

Yacht Charter in New York City for Vacation

So maybe there’s no special meeting of the board of directors, there’s no big birthday, wedding, graduation, or anniversary... You can still charter a yacht for your next New York vacation because you deserve it. As Yacht-Charter-Rental-Sailing-Boats-Catamaran(77322)hard as you work, and as successful as you’ve been lately, it’s fun to let off some steam with a classy boat rental, and make a memory that will last forever. Do it while you’re young enough to really enjoy it!


A chartered yacht in New York City is a great way to celebrate your next special event, function, corporate outing, or just a relaxing vacation. It’s also a great way to save yourself from the hassle of yacht or catamaran ownership - who wants to worry about maintenance, storage, trailers, yacht insurance, hiring crew, and more. Enjoy your time on the ocean while a professional crew takes care of the rest.